Mexico Marches Against Trump

Tens of thousands of citizens in Mexico marched on Sunday to protest against US President Donald Trump’s immigration policies and his executive order to construct a wall along the US-Mexican border. Waving Mexican flags and anti-Trump signs, infuriated Mexicans displayed remarkable national unity in order to accuse Trump of racism […]

Hadrian’s Wall, The Great Wall Of China, The Berlin Wall, And Now Trump’s Mexican Wall: Protection At The Cost Of Isolation

As the agricultural revolution swept across Eurasia some 10,000 years ago, humans developed the first defensive walls to help secure their goods, and prevent invaders from entering their cities. Walls have also been used to enclose regions and mark territory. According to Donald Trump, a wall is still good enough […]

Donald Trump Seeks to Build a Wall to Keep Immigrants Out of America

As has been widely reported, Donald Trump–the Republican Party’s nominee for president in the United States–is currently seeking to build a wall on the border between Mexico and the United States. He claims that immigrants are coming into America as ‘criminals’, thus having a negative yet crucial impact on the […]

HSBC: The Power Of Business In Regional Issues

All non-governmental entities such businesses, think-tanks, and charities have major roles in foreign affairs. Policy, business, and aid are all instruments that contribute to suitable circumstances for conflict resolution. In particular, certain entities are able to conduct business that finances or provides groups with the means to operations. Usually, economic […]

Saudi Arabia Is Playing With Fire

Saudi Arabia is in trouble. According to the Reuters Global Investment Outlook Summit, which convened last Tuesday, if Saudi Arabia continues to pursue its current economic policy of flooding the global market with oil whilst running a budget deficit, it risks economic crisis. Such an outcome would have a catastrophic […]