Canada’s MMIWG After One Year: Justice For Indigenous Women And Girls Not Too Much To Ask For

It’s been nearly a year since Canada launched its National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG). The inquiry, beginning in 2016, early in Justin Trudeau’s tenure as Canadian Prime Minister, represents a $53.8 million commitment by the federal government and its mandate, as outlined on the […]

Canada Sees Unprecedented Surge Of Haitian Asylum Seekers

In recent weeks, Quebec has seen an unprecedented surge of predominantly Haitian asylum seekers entering the province from the United States – in part due to fears regarding changes in immigration policy under the Trump administration – prompting the opening of a temporary housing centre in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium. According […]

Unfounded: The Globe and Mail’s Investigation Into Sexual Assault Allegations And Canada’s Response

When Canadian law enforcement closes an investigation, they label the case with a code that signifies why it was dismissed. The code ‘unfounded’ means that the investigating officer concluded that a crime was not attempted or did not occur. These crimes are not included in local or national statistics. Once […]

Humanitarian Development In The Press Conferences But Not Enough On The Table At This Year’s G20

It was with an expected degree of irresolution that this year’s G20 Summit concluded in Hamburg, Germany, following discussions held over July 7th and 8th. Questions of Donald Trump’s presidency, in particular, dominated media coverage of the event as the American president engaged in publicized one-on-one meetings with Russia’s Vladimir […]

The Over-Representation Of Indigenous Peoples In Prisons Today

While there are numerous problems in the western prison systems of today, one issue stands out above all, and this is the over-representation of indigenous peoples in prisons. This report will focus only on the indigenous peoples of three countries: the New Zealand Maori, the Indigenous Canadians, and the Australian […]

Engagement And Acknowledgement As Steps Towards Reparation

In an age where traditionally marginalized segments of society are all struggling to gain official recognition and acceptance, the aboriginal peoples of Canada are making large strides towards obtaining mainstream acknowledgement and support.  In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in the culture of indigenous Canadians, which […]

At A Glance: Voter ID Laws In Canada And The United States

The 2016 presidential election brought the issue of voter ID laws back into the forefront of public conversation, with then nominee Trump expressing his support for state governments in their attempts to strengthen voter ID laws. After his election, President Trump alleged that millions of undocumented citizens voted for his […]

India Calls On Interpol To Help Arrest Controversial Islamic Preacher

The National Investigation Agency has asked for Interpol to issue a red corner notice on the controversial Islamic preacher, Zakir Naik reports The Hindu. The red corner notice would allow for Zakir Naik to be arrested by any agency globally. This has all followed after the Islamic Research Foundation, headed […]

Bonn Climate Negotiations: No Room For Complacency

This year, Bonn, Germany will host a series of climate negotiations.  Significant developments have occurred since the Paris Agreement of 2015. Most notably, the election of President Trump who has renounced U.S. obligations outlined in the Paris negotiations.  However, recent news suggests that China may be stepping up to take […]

International Canadian Mining And The Struggle For Indigenous Rights And Environmental Protections

Canadian mining companies have come under fire for their practices abroad, especially in South America, where many Canadian-based multinational corporations operate mines. They have been accused numerous abuses, namely the destruction of the local environment, allowing their employees to abuse the local residents, and colluding with foreign governments to dismantle […]