Ineffective And Arbitrary: Why Canada Must Repeal The Listing Of Terrorist Groups

They wish to overthrow the United States government through attacks against civilians and infrastructure. They hope to acquire nuclear weapons and use them to obliterate their enemies. They believe that a global apocalypse is imminent and that a utopian society will emerge from the ashes. Such a society is only […]

Latin American Leaders Recall Ambassadors To Venezuela Over Election Results

Nicolas Maduro was re-elected as President of Venezuela on Sunday after an election surrounded by controversy. The election was marred by low turnout, a boycott by the main opposition, and allegations from rival candidates of voting irregularities. The Lima Group, a body consisting of  Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa […]

European Union To Impose Post-Election Sanctions On Crisis-Burdened Venezuela

The European Union is the latest entity to call for sanctions against Venezuela after concerns about the legitimacy of the country’s recent presidential elections. The EU also called for new elections to take place, as the polls in May which reelected President Nicolas Maduro allegedly  suffered from low voter turnout, […]

The Canadian Government’s Unjust Behaviour Is Increasingly Evident In The Kinder Morgan Dilemma

The twinning of the Trans Mountain Pipeline by Texan infrastructure company Kinder Morgan has created a rift in Canadian politics and society, even before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau approved the project in late November 2016. The Trans Mountain Pipeline is a pipeline that transports crude oil from the landlocked province […]

Trump And Syria: A Fragile House Of Cards

In response to alleged gas attacks against civilians in Syria, U.S President Donald Trump, alongside the UK and France has made a decision to initiate tactical strikes against the Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Furthermore, he has proposed that further strikes are plausible if the regime does not stop oppressing and violently […]

Justin Trudeau Meets With Alberta And British Columbia Premiers To Discuss The Kinder Morgan Pipeline

On Sunday April 15th, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Alberta Premier Rachel Notely, and British Columbia Premier John Horgan in Ottawa, the country’s capital, to discuss new developments on the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline. The expansion of the pipeline, a project spearheaded by Texas-based infrastructure giant, […]

Pope Francis Refuses To Issue An Apology For Catholic Church’s Involvement In Canadian Residential Schools

On 28 March 2018, Bishop Lionel Gendron, President of the Canadian Conference for Catholic Bishops, wrote a letter revealing that Pope Francis, the 266th head of the Catholic Church, decided he cannot “personally respond” to requests from Canadians for an apology on behalf of the Catholic Church for its involvement […]