North America

North Korea, South Korea And The U.S. Military Presence: A Complex Trio

It has been announced that South Korea will aim to keep U.S. troops within its borders, even if a peace treaty with North Korea is signed. The announcement came recently and with a confused reaction from many International Relations experts, many who directly associate the presence of U.S. troops as […]

Antimicrobial Apocalypse: 10 Million Deaths A Year By 2050, And Chaos For The Developing World

The world is rapidly running out of antimicrobial medicines. The lack of these essential medicines means that even the simplest of infections could soon become fatal, taking us back to the dark ages of medicine. The bacteria, viruses, and fungi that infect us develop resistance to treatment naturally, but sustained, […]

The Impact Of Systematic Racism On African-American Infant And Maternal Morality: An Ignored Health Crisis

The Crisis In the United States (US), African-American women and infants are currently suffering from a major health crisis that continues to be ignored by the government. This crisis is the black-white divide that exists in both infant and maternal morality. A comparison of most statistics displays just how disturbing […]

Pakistan Watchdog Slams ‘Grim’ State Of Human Rights

Pakistan’s fragility has made it a volatile state in which terrorism, human rights violations, and government corruption are widespread. While the United States has tried to maintain a relatively stable relationship with Pakistan over the years, it has become increasingly strained. Amidst accusations of harbouring terrorist groups like the Taliban […]