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Somalia Civil War

  Timeline January 1991 – Dictator Mohammed Siad Barre flees Mogadishu after rival clan militias attack. Mohamed Farah Aideed and Ali Mahdi Mohamad, leaders of two rival clans, fight to declare themselves president. The Somalia National Movement (SNM) declares the northwestern area of Somalia independent, creating the autonomous territory, Somaliland. […]

South China Sea Dispute

Timeline 1947 – China demarcates its territorial claims in South China Sea with an 11-dash-line 1953 – China removes the Gulf of Tonkin portion, erasing two dashes from its original territorial claims, in effect reducing it to a nine-dash-line 1970 – The Philippines occupy five of the Spratly Islands and […]

Israel-Palestine Conflict

  Timeline: 1882-1903 – First Aliyah: This was a large wave of Jewish immigration to Palestine – around 35,000 people – coming mainly from Russia, with some immigrants also from Yemen. 1897 – First Zionist Congress held in Basel, Switzerland which established, against the majority of Jewish opinion at that […]

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Timeline 1945—End of WWII, Korean territory taken from Japan by Allied forces 1948—Free elections held in the US-occupied south of Korea results in the Republic of Korea; North Korea becomes the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea founded by Kim Il-Sung 1994—Kim Jong-Il takes power after the death of his father, […]

Jammu and Kashmir Territorial Dispute

Timeline   1947: After ruling India since 1858, Britain partitions the Indian subcontinent into Muslim-majority Pakistan and Hindu-majority India. The ruler (or Maharaja) of each state is given the choice to accede to either India or Pakistan and the Hindu ruler of Kashmir decides to join India, despite Kashmir’s Muslim […]