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Trump And Syria: A Fragile House Of Cards

In response to alleged gas attacks against civilians in Syria, U.S President Donald Trump, alongside the UK and France has made a decision to initiate tactical strikes against the Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Furthermore, he has proposed that further strikes are plausible if the regime does not stop oppressing and violently […]

British Citizens Wrongfully Threatened With Deportation 1

Britain has threatened to detain and deport Commonwealth nationals, including Windrush-era citizens. Thousands of individuals have been denied their rights to continued occupation and residence in the UK because they cannot provide documentation to prove their citizenship. Between 1948 and 1971, approximately 50 000 people from the Caribbean, known as the Windrush […]

20 Years On: Northern Ireland And The Good Friday Agreement

April  10th marked the 20 year anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. This agreement was formed between the Irish Republic and the UK (in particular Northern Ireland), to end violence and begin the peace-making process. Prior to this agreement, more than 1,500 people lost their lives during the ‘Irish Troubles,’ an era […]

The Historical And Political Roots Of Veiling And Unveiling For Muslim Women

Despite the widespread practice of veiling in Islam, and its present-day status as an emblem of Muslim womanhood throughout the world, it has surprisingly little to back it up in the Qur’an, something acknowledged by many Islamic feminists, but less well-known throughout mainstream discourse in both the West and Muslim-majority […]

Chemical Weapons Attacks In Syria: The New Normal

On the evening of Saturday, April 7th, the government of Bashar al-Asaad once again hit its own people with what is suspected be another chemical weapon attack. The incident occurred in the city of Douma, which is one of the last areas controlled by rebel army “The Army of Islam,” […]

As The World Stays Silent The Carnage In Southern Cameroons Continues

From what used to be known as a “Heaven of Peace” in the turbulent Central African region, the situation in Cameroon is gradually becoming another story of carnage and bloodshed as the world stays silent. As the massacre continues, it is fast becoming another episode of the international community failing […]

#MeToo Movement Moves From Hollywood To Humanitarian NGOs

Following this week’s news, further information has arisen in claims to the #MeToo movement in the humanitarian sector, not only involving those being protected by aid but also from colleagues experiencing sexual harassment internally in these organizations. NGOs are trusted and responsible for advancing the humanitarian and non-combative agenda in […]

Saudi Arabia’s Coalition In Yemen: Three Years Of War Crimes And The U.S. And Britain Continue To Supply Arms

This week marks the third anniversary of the Saudi-led coalition’s involvement in the war in Yemen. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman is also the country’s Defense Minister, acting as the Commander of the coalition operation in Yemen aptly named “Decisive Storm.” Despite the flagrant human rights […]