One Year Since The ‘Gay Purge’ In Chechnya: Still No Acknowledgement Of Responsibility Or Justice For Victims

A year ago, the Russian Federation committed egregious human rights violations by targeting the LGBT Russian Community. The government cast-away and abducted gay Russian men so they could be sent to Chechnya, where they were written off from mainstream society, tortured, and killed. This ‘cleansing’ of sorts was referred to […]

Savchenko Stripped Of Immunity In Ukraine, Implicated In Terror Plot

Nadiya Savchenko, a national Ukrainian hero and lawmaker, was detained by Ukraine on March 15th over a possible plot to overthrow the Ukrainian government. Ukrainian parliament members voted to strip her of all political immunity for she was accused of planning a large-scale attack on the government through weaponry acquired […]

Jaish Al-Islam Faces Mounting Opposition From Syria Forces

Recent developments within Eastern Ghouta indicate that the Syrian government is close to overthrowing the rebels within the region. Two rebel groups within the region, each of which containing thousands of fighters, have since surrendered and fled north from the occupied territory. Of the three rebel groups within the region, […]

Friends And Foes Vie For Kushner Kompromat: White House Policy Up For Sale

It is no secret that Donald Trump always surrounds himself with people that have shady and secretive pasts and continued to do so throughout his presidential campaign and even during his transition into the White House. Many of these people, including Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, have been charged with […]

U.S. Announces Sanctions In Retaliation For Russian Cyberattacks

In a rare move under the Trump administration, the White House publicly accused Russia of recent cyber attacks in the United States and abroad and announced repercussions against Russian individuals and entities in response. U.S. Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin announced on March 15 that five Russian entities and 19 […]

Russian Spy Poisoning: Undermining U.K. Sovereignty

On March 4, a former Russian double agent, Sergei Skripal, was discovered unconscious alongside his daughter on a park bench in Salisbury, Southern England. According to Prime Minister Theresa May, they were poisoned with Novichok, a Russian nerve agent developed in the Soviet Union during the 1970s and 1980s. This […]

Spy Poisoning: Russia Retaliates 23 For 23

On Saturday, March 17th Russia announced expected retaliatory measures, giving twenty-three British diplomats a week to leave the country. Just three days after the UK announced it would do the same. Russia additionally announced the closure of the British Council in Russia and the British Consulate in St. Petersburg, according […]

UN Chief Appeals To End Syrian People’s Suffering

On Monday, UN security-general Antonio Guterres told Security Council members to end the suffering of 400,000 residents trapped in the besieged Eastern Ghouta. His remarks highlight the ongoing ignorance of the ceasefire by the Syrian and the Russian forces, who have been launching air strikes for three weeks now. While […]

Syrian War Causes Residents Of Eastern Ghouta And Neighbouring Districts To Face Starvation And Medical Crisis

The 400,000 civilians of the Syrian district of Eastern Ghouta have been facing wartime conflicts for almost 7 years.  Hundreds of thousands of innocent residents have lost their lives due to the war. Reuters reports that 300-400 civilian families sought shelter in neighboring areas since March 3rd, 2018. While many […]