Life After War: Changing Perceptions Of Post-Conflict Rehabilitation

War-torn societies tend to consume our attention during and immediately after any large scale conflict. Emergency aid and immediate rehabilitation of the community draws international funding and support. The less glamorous reality, one seen far less on camera, is that of post-conflict rehabilitation. Post-conflict rehabilitation concerns stabilization, reconstruction and peace […]

From Regional To Global: China Opens Its First Military Base Abroad

On the 1st of August, a flag raising ceremony was held in Djibouti to celebrate the formal opening of China’s first overseas military base. The Chinese government started to build the base last year and its opening coincides with the 90th anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army, which is the […]

Trump Ends CIA Arms Support For Anti-Assad Rebels

The Trump administration recently ended CIA arms support for anti-Assad rebels in Syria. The covert program, launched by former President Barack Obama in 2013 to pressure Assad to step down, armed and trained select rebel groups. The decision was made after President Donald Trump met with National Security Adviser H.R. […]

Poland’s Judicial Reforms Met With Presidential Vetoes, International Scrutiny, and Massive Protests

Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) has made international headlines with a legislative agenda that has the country’s judiciary in its crosshairs. A series of PiS-backed court reform bills successfully passed through the Parliament’s Congress and Senate earlier this month, including one that would force every non-Parliament-appointed judge to […]

Police Brutality In The 21st Century

In London, on July 22, Rashan Charles, a 20-year-old father, died from injuries sustained during an incident with police officers, reports Al Jazeera.  Charles is not the first high-profile death due to an incident with police.  In fact, Edson Da Costa, another young black father, also died while in the […]