Syrian War Causes Residents Of Eastern Ghouta And Neighbouring Districts To Face Starvation And Medical Crisis

The 400,000 civilians of the Syrian district of Eastern Ghouta have been facing wartime conflicts for almost 7 years.  Hundreds of thousands of innocent residents have lost their lives due to the war. Reuters reports that 300-400 civilian families sought shelter in neighboring areas since March 3rd, 2018. While many […]

Humanitarian Crisis In Eastern Ghouta

Following the UN Security Council’s unanimous decision on February 24th to implement a 30-day ceasefire in Syria, so as to bring in much needed humanitarian aid, air strikes have continued to plague rebel-held Eastern Ghouta, killing 600 civilians and forcing many to flee. The 30-day ceasefire comes in the form […]

Denmark To Double Punishment In ‘Ghettos’

In a plan to eradicate ghettos areas in the Scandinavian nation, Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen has proposed the implementation of double punishments for crimes committed within listed areas. Rasmussen’s coalition government currently designates 22 ‘ghetto’ areas, that consist of mostly non-native, immigrant and refugee populations. The new double punishment plan will […]

Assad Regime Refuses Ceasefire As Humanitarian Crisis Worsens

Syria’s Assad regime refuses ceasefire as the humanitarian crisis in Eastern Ghouta worsens. On Sunday, March 4, President Assad announced he will continue his military offensive against rebel-held enclave, Eastern Ghouta, despite the United Nations’ accusations it is causing an exasperating humanitarian crisis. President Assad justifies his military offensive by […]

‘Faceless Candidate,’ Victim Of Mafia Violence Stands For Election In Italy

With today marking the Italian general elections, the Five Star Movement has announced a new candidate for election in Sicily, The Guardian recently reported. Piera Aiello’s story is a chilling testament to the continuing influence of mafias, powerfully organized crime syndicates, which have held a pervasive sway over southern Italy […]

State Of The Nation: Russia’s Plans To Update Nuclear Arsenal

During last week’s State of the Nation speech, President Vladimir Putin unveiled the latest addition to Russia’s nuclear arsenal. A video-projection showing off new weapons was displayed behind the Russian leader, revealing the updated armaments. The simulated footage detailed the capabilities of these weapons, chief among them being a newly […]

Russia Vetoes UN Resolution Citing Iran Arms Embargo Violation

On Monday, February 26, Russia vetoed a United Nations (UN) resolution citing Iran for an arms embargo violation. The British-drafted resolution was based on a UN report that targeted Iran for funnelling weapons and missiles into war-torn Yemen. The draft exposed Iran’s violation of a 2015 arms embargo on Yemen, […]

Afghans Deported From Europe Attacked Upon Returning Home

Despite the trend of drastic increases in violence and growing threats to human rights across Afghanistan in 2016 and 2017, the European Union members forcibly repatriated 9,460 Afghan asylum seekers in their adoption of new migration policy, in 2016. Afghans who do not have their plea for international protection, which is […]

Ghouta And The Geopolitics Of The Syrian Crisis

Since last week, galvanized Syrian regime forces entered into a new phase in the seven-year conflict, trying to quash what is left of rebel resistance in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta. The capital, the Syrian state argues, has been suffering attacks from “terrorists” living in the suburb and as such […]