Brutality In Barcelona

Human Rights Groups in Spain are investigating the excessive force used against participants in Catalonia’s referendum Sunday. Al Jazeera reported yesterday that nearly 900 civilians and 431 police officers were injured. Human Rights Watch has formally stated that there are “serious allegations of excessive use of force by police against […]

Iraq Refuses To Discuss Results Of Kurdish Independence Referendum

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has stated that his government will not hold discussions with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in relation to the referendum on Kurdistan independence from Northern Iraq because he views it as unconstitutional. He has also expressed a willingness to impose punitive measures on the […]

Violent Protests Erupt As Support For Catalan Independence Movement Grows

Approximately 850 people have been injured across Catalonia due to police clashing with protesters over a referendum on Catalonia’s independence from Spain this Sunday. According to the Catalonia government, about 90 percent of the 2.25 million voters supported the region’s independence from Spain, despite the Spanish government ruling the referendum […]

Bosnia Still Denies Justice To Victims Of Sexual War Crimes

During the Bosnian War, thousands of women and girls were subjected to sexual violence, and the majority have yet to see justice. The Bosnian War was an armed conflict that took place between 1992 and 1995, resulting in over 100,000 deaths. Though wars throughout history are typically accompanied by rape, […]

Hungary’s Hatemongering Anti-Migrant Campaign Intensifies

Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party has intensified its vilification of migrants as it continues to demonize native-born humanitarian George Soros, who has advocated for the EU to commit to resettling 300,000 refugees each year. Led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the Fidesz party is hoping to consolidate its authority with a […]

Serbian-Australian Dragan Vasiljković Sentenced To 15 years Imprisonment In Croatia For War Crimes

Ex-Serbian commander Dragan ‘Captain Dragan’ Vasiljkovic has been sentenced by a Croatian court to 15 years imprisonment for war crimes, including torturing soldiers and murdering civilians during the 1991-95 Croatian War of Independence. The three-judge panel of the municipal court in Split, Croatia, found Vasiljković guilty of two of the […]