The Catalan Independence Movement Begins Its Next Chapter 3

On 16 March, thousands of supporters of Catalan independence marched through the Spanish capital, Madrid, to protest the ongoing trial of 12 separatist leaders. Demonstrators, many from Catalonia, peacefully marched through Madrid, carrying signs with messages such as “self-determination is not a crime.” They also called for a new vote […]

From Repeal the 8th to Article 8: Abortion Rights in Northern Ireland

May 25th, 2018, was a historic day for women’s rights in the Republic of Ireland when a country-wide referendum voted for the 8th Constitutional Amendment – making abortion illegal – to be repealed. This vote demonstrated the Republic of Ireland’s social movement development towards acknowledging the rights of women, and […]

Germany Proposes New Legislation To Revoke Citizenship From Dual Citizens

Germany has introduced new legislation aimed to strip dual citizens of their German citizenship, should they fight for a terror organization abroad. German Law is currently permitted to strip the citizenship of dual citizens fighting for foreign national forces, without express permission from the German authorities under the Nationality Act. […]

UK Urged By The ICJ To End Its Colonial Administration Of The Chago Archipelago “As Rapidly as Possible”

Nowadays when we speak of colonialism it is implicitly assumed that it is a past phenomenon. However, the Chagos Islands remain colonized by the UK, who now uses the islands for defense purposes. On Monday the 25th of February The International Court of Justice stated that the UK Government is […]