Syrian Chemical Attacks On Civilians And The Failure Of International Law

On Saturday, April 7th, the Assad regime attacked Douma with chemical bombs. Publicized photographs of the aftermath were nothing short of disturbing, with the 70 people now reported dead, including women and children. The horrendous and fatal nature of this incident has since resulted in the retaliative bombing of airfields […]

The Adrenaline Of War: A Symptom Of The Military Industrial Complex

On Friday the 13th, the governments of the United States (U.S.), United Kingdom (U.K.) and France engaged parts of Syria by means of airstrikes – notably in Damascus and near Homs – to deter the government of Bashar al-Assad from using chemical weapons once again. While the main opposition parties […]

Russia And America Respond To Syria’s Use Of Chemical Weapons Against Their Own People

The Russian nations’ blatant denial and misconstruction of the truths, objectives and costs of the Syrian Civil War creates a clear index to the globalized audience of the need for collective change. This notion was epitomized this week through an article published by the BBC organization, as it documented Russia’s […]

Airstrikes in Syria: Are They Legal?

What occurred? In the early hours of the morning of April Saturday 14th the United States, Britain and France made coordinated strikes on a number of alleged chemical weapons facilities on Syrian territory. US president Donald Trump announced the air strike campaign, saying, “[t]he nations of Britain, France, and the United […]

US, UK And France Carried Out An Air Strike In Syria

The Syrian government is frequently accused of the production and use of chemical weapons since the start of protests in 2011. The suspected use of chemical weapons is one of the serious issues that have attracted the interest of major powers in deeply divided corners. The Western powers, led by […]

Turkey And Russia To Build Hospital For Syrians Fleeing Eastern Ghouta

Turkey and Russia announced the construction of a medical facility in Tel Abyad in hopes of tending to those trying to evade the unrest in Eastern Ghouta this past Wednesday. The development is said to be located around 300 miles away from the capital city of Damascus. Turkish President Recep […]

Chemical Weapons Attacks In Syria: The New Normal

On the evening of Saturday, April 7th, the government of Bashar al-Asaad once again hit its own people with what is suspected be another chemical weapon attack. The incident occurred in the city of Douma, which is one of the last areas controlled by rebel army “The Army of Islam,” […]