The Global Refugee Crisis And The Call To Open Up Borders

In today’s conflict-riddled atmosphere and increasing instances of natural disaster’s, as a result of climate change, the world is undergoing the largest global refugee crisis in its history. According to Oxfam, more than 65 million people have fled their homes in wake of varying threats to their safety. Of this […]

Deadline Passes For Syria’s Idlib Buffer Without Fighters Leaving

On Monday, October 15th, the deadline for militant groups to move out of the rebel-controlled area of Idlib, Syria passed. The radical military groups there did not move, and the Russian-Turkish deal that created this deadline was disregarded. This deal was implemented in order to weaken the offensive fronts of […]

Assad’s ‘Vile’ Use of Chemical Weapons: A BBC Report

On Monday 15thNovember the BBC released a report documenting and condemning President Bashar al-Assad’s extensive use of chemical weapons in Syria. This report comes as Assad’s government comes close to victory after 7 years of civil war leaving 350,000 dead. The BBC examined 164 chemical weapon attacks that have been […]

Syrian Man Arrested After Seven Months Living In Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Hassan Al-Kontar has been arrested in Malaysia on October 2nd bringing to an end his seven month stay in Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s budget terminal. The 36-year-old Syrian national has been stranded in the airport since March 7th when he was stopped from boarding a flight to Ecuador, Reuters reports. […]

The Effects of War On Healthcare Infrastructure And Health Workers: Chaos Compounding Death and Injury

Often, when we think of war and unrest in countries, the first thing that is discussed or thought about is the violence and the immediate resulting casualties. The number of deaths and injuries as a result of violence within a country or area is one of the key determinants for […]

Iran Launches Missiles Into Syria: Death to America and the House of Saud

Tensions flare on the Iraq-Syria border as Iran and the United States fight for dominance in the Middle East. The latest attack launched by Iran in the early hours of October is said to be retaliatory. Iran claims to have been aiming at jihadists suspected of attacking the Iranian city […]