Caloocan Police Force Dismantled As ‘War On Drugs’ Continues

On Friday September 15th, the Philippine National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) ordered the replacement of the Caloocan City Police Department. Caloocan, the fourth most populous city in the Philippines, is one of sixteen cities that forms the capital of Manila. The 1200-member force is to undergo 45 days of […]

Nuclear Brinksmanship On The Korean Peninsula

The successful subterranean test by North Korea of a hydrogen bomb, which they claim is capable of being mounted on to an intercontinental ballistic missile, though predictable, has raised alarm bells throughout the international community, particularly among the unified command centres in South Korea and Japan, which cannot operate independently […]

Alternatives To The Philippines’ Drug War

Thirty-two suspected drug dealers were killed in a 24-hour period in a shootout with police across the province of Bulacan, Philippines. Sixty-six buy-bust operations were conducted in which undercover police officers tried to buy illegal drugs from suspected dealers, and twenty such operations, along with fourteen searches, resulted in armed […]

“War On Drugs” Becomes Massacre In The Philippines

President Rodrigo Duterte was elected in June of last year. His bolstered campaign promised harsher punishments for criminals and stressed a national crackdown on the countries pervasive drug problem. As covered by CNN in his campaign, Duterte suggested that the government could not control the drug problem for reasons that […]

Multilateral Collaboration: Countering ISIS Influence In South Asia And Oceania

6 countries from Southeast Asia and Oceania gathered in the city of Manado of Indonesia this past Saturday (July 29th) to tackle the spread of Islamic State extremism and violence in the region. Co-hosted by Indonesia and Australia, the inaugural summit also brought together ministers from the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, […]

Police Brutality In The 21st Century

In London, on July 22, Rashan Charles, a 20-year-old father, died from injuries sustained during an incident with police officers, reports Al Jazeera.  Charles is not the first high-profile death due to an incident with police.  In fact, Edson Da Costa, another young black father, also died while in the […]