Palestine And Kashmir: The Mass Deception Of The Resistance

Palestine and Kashmir share the common struggle for Justice while being under brutal military occupations. These victims of oppression have for very long showed solidarity with each other, as their occupiers, India and Israel also have. The Palestinian homeland has been steadily shrinking in size as Israel expands its illegal […]

Violence On The Gaza Strip Increases, Draws More International Attention

The escalation of the Palestine-Israel conflict has garnered extensive international attention; the deaths on Friday in Gaza have only increased this, however, the nature of future responses are unclear. At least two Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers on the Gaza-Israel border, and many more have been injured. This incident […]

Palestinian Envoy To The UN Calls For Probe Into Killings In Gaza

The United Nations Security Council has been urged by the Palestinian ambassador to the UN to open an independent investigation into Israel’s crimes. These include the recent killing of four Palestinians, amounting to 39 total deaths since mass demonstrations began, dubbed the Great March of Return. Palestinians are calling for […]

Israel Defends Use Of Deadly Force Against Palestinian Protesters

After a violent reaction to Palestinian protesters at the Gaza border, Israeli defence officials are rejecting calls by the international community for an independent inquiry. The demonstration, which was intended to be peaceful by those involved, became violent and resulted in Israeli Defense Forces firing at protesters and killing 16 […]

The “Ultimate Deal” For The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

President Trump has expressed optimism about peace between Palestine and Israel on multiple occasions, referring to the prospect of a peace pact between them as the “ultimate deal.” However, according to Aljazeera, what has been dubbed by President Trump himself as “the deal of the century” included the establishment of […]

Coerced Prison Sentence For Child Activist Ahed Tamimi

Ahed Tamimi is a 17-year-old Palestinian child activist residing in Bethlehem. However, since December 2017, Tamimi has become a symbol of the Palestinian rebellion. Ahed Tamimi’s mother filmed the 17-year-old slapping and harassing Israeli soldiers in her home village of Bethlehem, located near Jerusalem. The footage from Tamimi’s act of defiance […]

17 Palestinians Killed By Israeli Forces During Land Day Protests

This past Friday marked the onset of a six-week protest in Gaza, nicknamed the Great March of Return. This major demonstration commemorated the 42nd anniversary of Land Day, an incident in 1976 when six unarmed Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces while protesting the government’s decision to expropriate two thousand […]

Clashes Between Israeli Forces And Palestinians On Land Day Leave At Least 16 Palestinians Dead

At least 16 Palestinians have been killed in clashes between protesters and the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), along with estimates of 750 to 1,400 people injured, making this the highest casualty rate in a single day in Gaza since the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict. Thousands of Palestinians marched on 30 March […]

Gaza Border Protest: Israeli Forces Fire Into Crowd Of Palestinian Protesters

Israeli forces have killed 16 Palestinians and wounded more than 1,400 people as protests erupted at the Gaza-Israel border. Thousands of Palestinians have marched towards the border, burning tires and throwing petrol bombs and rocks at soldiers across the Israeli border. The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) has fired live ammunition […]