A Bloody Start To The ‘Great March Of Return’: 16 Dead, Hundreds Wounded

A march in Gaza to the Israeli border saw the deaths of at least 16 people this Friday. A 16-year-old boy was included in that number, marking the largest death toll since the summer of 2014 during the Israeli war on Gaza. Thousands of Palestinians were gathered from across Gaza […]

UN Officials Condemn Arbitrary Arrest Of Palestinian Children By Israel

The continuous detention of Palestinian children by Israel is condemned by UN officials, who say that the practice has become systematic and widely spread. Human rights council presented with various UN reports indicate the worsening living conditions over the past year in Palestine across the West Bank and Gaza. The […]

Children And Their Right To Have Their Voice Heard

Recently, students speaking out against gun laws in the USA have been accused of being ‘crisis actors’. Just one of the conspiracy theories that have surfaced recently, this theory claims that these students are following pre-written parts for the camera. Syrian teenager, Muhammad Najem, was attacked online and by mainstream […]

Could An American’s Offer To Trump Create More Tension In The Middle East?

Early in the week, Sheldon Adelson, an avid American supporter of Israel, offered to fund the construction of a US Embassy in Jerusalem, in response to Trump’s earlier announcement to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Middle Eastern country. The State Department released a statement indicating that they were […]

Trump Tells Israel Of The Need To Compromise, Amid Accusations Of Pro-Israel Bias Against His Middle East Envoy

This past Friday, U.S. President Donald Trump told Israel that it too would need to make “significant compromises” for peace with the Palestinians. All of this comes amid accusations of pro-Israeli bias against one of his Middle East envoys, US Ambassador David Friedman. Several months after the initial outrage caused […]

BLOCKED: Social Media And New Horizons Of Resistance Against Digital Censorship In The Middle East

Al-Jazeera, the Qatari public broadcaster, reported earlier this week regarding Sada Social, a Palestinian collective of three journalists dedicated to documenting and responding to perceived “violations against Palestinian content.” These include the removal of content and de-platforming of online figures accused of what is considered as “hate speech” by social […]

Redefining Justice: Settler’s Death Sparks Clashes Between Palestinians And Israelis

Voices of protest were silenced by gunshots on Thursday afternoon as the Israeli Army raided villages near Nablus after an Israeli settler was gunned down on Tuesday evening.A family of five was arrested as Israeli soldiers raided Illar, a village in the occupied West Bank shortly after the death of […]

Trump Administration Cuts Palestinian Aid To UNRWA In Half

The Trump Administration last week announced they would be cutting funding to the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) which provides essential food, education, health, and social services to the estimated five million Palestinian refugees located in and around Israel and Palestinian territories. The decision to withhold $65 million of […]

Trump Threatens To Cut Aid To Palestinians Following Snub Of Vice-President Pence

After speaking to reporters at the Word Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, US President Donald Trump threatened to cut aid to the Palestinian Authority for having “disrespected” Vice-President Mike Pence during his visit to the Middle East. He told reporters, “respect has to be shown to the US or we’re […]