The Refugee Crisis Is Real And Solvable

The refugee crisis is a world crisis. We have seen the death of thousands of refugees as they seek safety, while conflict around the world claims the lives of innocent civilians every day. As conflict rages on, developed nations continue to turn their back on those who need their help, […]

Afghanistan-Pakistan Relations: Making Sense of The Tension, Origins of The Taliban and Why Afghan Refugees Are Being Sent Home

The diplomatic relationship between Afghanistan and Pakistan has diminished significantly in the recent years, as each country accuses the other of harbouring armed opposition. Pakistan has chosen to expel hundreds of thousands Afghan refugees back to their home nation, labelled as the world’s largest unlawful mass forced return of refugees […]

Pakistan-Afghanistan Tensions Heighten After Suicide Attack

Pakistan has launched multiple raids and attacks against militants, allegedly killing 100, in response to a recent suicide bombing at a Sufi shrine. The suicide attack on the Lal Shahbaz Qalandar shrine killed at least 88 people and wounded over 200, making it the deadliest attack of the past two […]

Two Civilians Killed In Both Conflicts Between Kashmiri Militants And Indian Forces, As Well As The Resulting Protest

During a twelve-hour battle in the Kulgam district of India-controlled Kashmir that ended last Sunday morning, four militants, two soldiers, and a civilian were killed in the gunfire. After hearing reports of anti-Indian control militants in the area of Nagbal, Frisal village police came to conduct searches, which led to […]

The Impact Of Refugees Returning To Afghanistan

In the first week of 2017 more than 9,400 undocumented Afghanis have returned to the state. Furthermore the Afghan government has reported that over one million refugees returned voluntarily in 2016 which is the largest number in fourteen years. Most of these refugees have come from Iran and Pakistan although […]