Ceasefire In Afghanistan Comes To An End

The Taliban and Afghani government agreed to a ceasefire during the Eid festivities ending the holy month of Ramadan. However, following the end of celebrations, Taliban officials announced the continuation of militant operations despite the announcement of a ten-day extension of the ceasefire by officials from Afghanistan’s government. Two major […]

The Decline Of Global Air Quality

A new report published by the Health Effects Institute (HEI) has claimed that global air quality has declined exponentially in the past three decades, to the point where today, an estimated 95% of the global population is currently breathing unhealthy air (according to the World Health Organization’s acceptable air quality […]

Recent Militant Attacks On Girl School Reflect Pakistan’s Continual Failure to Protect Children’s Education

Last week, an all-girls school was targeted by an explosive device in Hassokhel, North Waziristan in Northwest Pakistan by militants. Thankfully, no children or teachers were injured in the attack, although a boundary wall was damaged, making the building a health risk. Three days before this attack, another girls school […]

Pakistan Watchdog Slams ‘Grim’ State Of Human Rights

Pakistan’s fragility has made it a volatile state in which terrorism, human rights violations, and government corruption are widespread. While the United States has tried to maintain a relatively stable relationship with Pakistan over the years, it has become increasingly strained. Amidst accusations of harbouring terrorist groups like the Taliban […]

Palestine And Kashmir: The Mass Deception Of The Resistance

Palestine and Kashmir share the common struggle for Justice while being under brutal military occupations. These victims of oppression have for very long showed solidarity with each other, as their occupiers, India and Israel also have. The Palestinian homeland has been steadily shrinking in size as Israel expands its illegal […]

The Next Generation Creates A Way Forward

We’ve always been told throughout our youthful and adolescent years that the grownups will always be there to deal with all of our concerns, needs, and find ways to protect us. Whenever you need help, get a grown up. Occasionally, that’s not what actually happens, and it may surprise us […]

Thousands Protest Over Extra Judicial Arrests And Killings In Pakistan

Naqeebullah Mehsud, an aspiring Pashtun model was reportedly murdered by Pakistani police early this month. The killing generated an uproar in the Pashtun community, sparking massive protest in Peshawar against “extrajudicial” killings and arrests. Pashtuns, more popularly recognized as “Afghans,” reside in tribal regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Despite the […]

Anti-India Tension Persists And Clashes Erupt In Kashmir

Violent clashes erupted between student demonstrators and Indian police on Thursday in Srinagar, Indian-administered Kashmir. In South Kashmir’s Shopian district, students were protesting against the recent killings of 20 people, including separatist fighters and civilians by government troops. Tension has persisted since the start of April as the Kashmiris have […]