Terrorism Redefined

In February 2016, at a security conference in Munich, the Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs Adel Al-Jubeir was asked to comment on an article in The Atlantic, by Graeme Wood stating that despite the Minister’s comments on previous occasions, the Islamic State was indeed Islamic. In response, the Foreign Minister […]

Rebel Leader Labelled ‘Terrorist’ As Political Protest Intensifies In Conflict-Ridden Kashmir

The leader of the Hizbul Mujahideen militant group, Syed Salahuddin, operating in conflict-crippled Kashmir, was officially labelled as a ‘terrorist’ by the United States last week. This was in response to increasing activity of rebel militant groups in the area that resulted in a rise in military violence and civilian suppression. […]

Poverty-Related Incident In Pakistan Leaves Over 150 Dead

It is no question that poverty has usually been affiliated with death. Lack of proper medical care, food, and money force those living in high-poverty areas to fight daily for their survival. On Sunday, an unusual poverty-related incident resulted in over 150 deaths and more than 100 serious injuries. This past […]

Three Terrorist Attacks Kill 62 And Injure Approximately 100 People In Pakistan

Three terrorist attacks in two separate cities in Pakistan left 62 dead and approximately one hundred injured last Friday. The first attack occurred during the early morning in Quetta, a Shia majority province, where a vehicle loaded with explosives crashed into a security check post killing 13, including 7 police […]

Nuclear Threat Is Back: Are New Generations Aware Of The Danger?

In 1945, the US dropped two devastating bombs, known as ‘Little Boy’ and ‘Fat man’, over Hiroshima and Nagasaki starting a new era in war, the nuclear era. The end of the WWII was just the beginning of a new conflict, the Cold War; and the US nuclear hegemony was […]

ISIS Kills Two Chinese Nationals In Pakistan

ISIS has announced that they killed two Chinese nationals who were kidnapped in Pakistan’s southwestern Balochistan province last month. The kidnappers were police-uniformed terrorists and the two victims were language teachers in Pakistan.  Balochistan is an important location for both Chinese and Pakistani governments. China is building large-scale infrastructure projects […]