When Conceptualizing Genocide Matters More Than Preventing It: The Persecution Of Rohingya Muslims In Myanmar

The word Genocide is a 20th century neologism developed by the United Nations in the second half of the 1940s to identify a conceptual framework describing the tragedy of the Holocaust. In 1946, the United Nations General Assembly affirmed that genocide was a crime under International law. Two years later, […]

Persecution Of Rohingya Muslims Is Causing Severe Malnutrition

The UN’s World Food Programme has released a bleak report showing the dire situation for many of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims. According to the document, over 80,000 children from the persecuted group are ‘wasting’ as they are suffering from acute malnutrition. Much like the food shortages in parts of Africa, this […]

Myanmar: Fears For The Safety Of Rohingya Detainees Increase After Child Dies In Custody

At least one child, who was arrested in November 2016 by Myanmar government forces during “clearance operations” among the Rohingya ethnic minority in Rakhine state, has officially been confirmed dead. This death has raised concerns over serious human rights violations in the reclusive country. Myanmar government authorities announced that Mammud […]

UN To Probe Myanmar For Rohingya Human Rights Violations

In response to alleged abuses from Myanmar military officials against the minority, the Rohingya Muslims, the UN has decided to launch investigations to hold the abusers accountable. Rohingya Muslims have been fleeing into neighbouring Bangladesh in response to the attacks, which is creating a significant refugee problem in the area. […]

UN Launches International Investigation Into Allegations Of Ethnic Cleansing In Myanmar

The United Nations Human Rights Council has passed a resolution warranting an international fact-finding mission to investigate allegations of killings, rape, and torture of the Rohingya people by Myanmar’s military and security forces in western Myanmar’s Rakhine state. The UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution brought by the European […]