Middle East

The Next Generation Creates A Way Forward

We’ve always been told throughout our youthful and adolescent years that the grownups will always be there to deal with all of our concerns, needs, and find ways to protect us. Whenever you need help, get a grown up. Occasionally, that’s not what actually happens, and it may surprise us […]

Trump And Syria: A Fragile House Of Cards

In response to alleged gas attacks against civilians in Syria, U.S President Donald Trump, alongside the UK and France has made a decision to initiate tactical strikes against the Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Furthermore, he has proposed that further strikes are plausible if the regime does not stop oppressing and violently […]

World’s Forgotten War Leads To Dire Humanitarian Crisis

After Houthi rebels in Yemen claimed responsibility for the recent missile intercepted above Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the civil war in Yemen came back to the forefront of media outlets.  With the whole country facing a devastating humanitarian crisis, Yemen’s civil war is starting to be known as the world’s forgotten […]

Employment Agencies Force Sri Lankan Women Migrating To The Middle East For Domestic Work To Take Contraceptives

Sri Lankan women migrating to the Middle East and Gulf states in search of domestic work are being ordered to take contraceptives by recruitment agencies. This provides employers with a “three-month guarantee” that maids will not fall pregnant and is enforced by recruiters, who would otherwise have to pay for […]

The Adrenaline Of War: A Symptom Of The Military Industrial Complex

On Friday the 13th, the governments of the United States (U.S.), United Kingdom (U.K.) and France engaged parts of Syria by means of airstrikes – notably in Damascus and near Homs – to deter the government of Bashar al-Assad from using chemical weapons once again. While the main opposition parties […]

Departing Minister Says Saudi-Led Coalition Has Taken Sovereignty Away From Yemeni People

In his late March resignation, outgoing Yemeni Minister of State Salah al-Sayadi criticized Saudi-led coalition forces in Yemen as taking sovereignty away from the its people. These remarks follow his accusations that Saudi Arabia has been keeping Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi under house arrest, preventing him from returning to […]

Deportations And Wrongful Arrests: The Latest In War-Torn Yemen

In a series of videos and documents sent to Al Jazeera, almost two dozen displaced Yemeni civilians report that they were rounded up, beaten, and then forcefully driven from the city of Aden back to active front lines in Northern Taiz and Sanaa by militias affiliated with the United Arab Emirates. Others report […]

Israel Defends Use Of Deadly Force Against Palestinian Protesters

After a violent reaction to Palestinian protesters at the Gaza border, Israeli defence officials are rejecting calls by the international community for an independent inquiry. The demonstration, which was intended to be peaceful by those involved, became violent and resulted in Israeli Defense Forces firing at protesters and killing 16 […]

Palestinian Resistance Figure Ahed Tamimi Is Sexually Harassed By Israeli Soldiers During Interrogation

Palestinian Resistance Figure, Ahed Tamimi, has accused Israeli soldiers of sexual harassment during an interrogation. Tamimi’s lawyer filed a complaint regarding the incident. The incident took place when an Israeli soldier commented on Tamimi’s looks and made creepy attempts at flirting with her. He said to her that she “[had] […]