Safe Zones In Syria: A Politicized Plan

The head of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Filippo Grandi, condemned a recent plan to create ‘safe zones’ in Syria, stating that Syria does not have the appropriate conditions to host refugees fleeing from the country’s nearly six-year-old war. Grandi and the Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, held a meeting […]

US Issues Jordan And Egypt Travel Warning After Deadly Attacks

  The US State Department has issued a travel warning due to the “threats from terrorist groups” after recent attacks. It was advised to stay away from Jordan’s border with Syria and Iraq. Places like malls, hotels, and restaurants were also listed as “soft targets.” The Department also warned of […]

A Syrian Solution To A Global Crisis

The United Nation’s Refugee Day occurred June 20th, a day set aside to raise awareness about refugees resettled around the world. As of the June 2016, almost 12 million Syrians have been displaced, 4.8 million of which have registered for resettlement. To put the crisis into perspective, one quarter of […]

Investigating The Reluctance Of Gulf States In Protecting Syrian Refugees

As Syrians continue to flow outwards in growing numbers, Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon are creaking under the collective strain of 4 million refugees, while the wealthy Arab Gulf States have by comparison done little to help the people fleeing Syria.[1] In response to recent pressure from both western governments and […]

Al-Aqsa: Israeli Police Clash With Muslim Worshippers

Clashes between Israeli police and Muslim worshippers at the Al-Aqsa mosque in mid-September serve to remind us of the so-far ostensibly intractable nature of the conflict over Jerusalem, with specific attention to the Al-Aqsa compound. The Temple Mount is the most sacred site in Judaism and represents particular religious, cultural and […]

UN’s Push to Provide Syrian Children Greater Access to Education

The United Nations Special Envoy for Education, Gordon Brown, is championing plans to get 1 million Syrian children back into education before the new term begins this September. As part of this initiative, Syrian children currently residing in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey could be educated at a cost of $10 […]

Gulf States Refuse to Follow Europe’s Lead in Welcoming Refugees

  The image of the lifeless body of Aylan Kurdi washed ashore on the coast of Turkey sent shockwaves around the world upon its publication last week. The photo prompted a mass outpouring of humanitarian concern that led many European nations to adopt a more generous policy towards the deepening […]