Trump Administration Silences War Crime Allegations And Threatens The ICC

Keeping in line with an administration actively avoiding prosecution and the discovery of truth entitled to all citizens, U.S. national security advisor John Bolton made threats to the International Criminal Court (ICC) that may gravely affect global relations. After the ICC declared that it would continue to investigate claims of […]

Europe Warns Of “Serious Consequence” For Potential Israeli War Crime Against Khan al-Ahmar Village

An Israeli Supreme Court decision to approve the demolition of the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar has drawn criticism from the EU, European states and international organisations. The village, housing 90 adults and 90 children, was deemed to be illegally constructed in the West Bank. As a result, the inhabitants […]

Palestinian Village Khan al-Ahmar Destroyed for Illegal Israeli Settlement

The Israeli High Court has permitted the destruction of the Palestinian village Khan al-Ahmar. Palestinians and rights group have condemned this decision that will bulldoze the homes of 180 people, including a school that educates many children in the surrounding area of the occupied West Bank. Settlers have slowly been […]

Shock After Trump Cuts Millions Of Dollars In Aid To Palestine

The Trump administration announced on Friday, August 24, that the United States would redirect $200 million in Palestinian aid funds toward other projects. The move comes on the heels of a January announcement that the U.S. would withhold over $60 million from a UN agency that would help Palestinian refugees. […]

UN Peacekeepers Return To Patrol Golan Heights, Syrian-Israeli Border

On Thursday August 3rd, United Nations (UN) peacekeepers returned to patrol the frontier between Syria and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. The peacekeepers, representing the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), were redeployed to the Syria-Israel buffer zone after having to withdraw in September 2014 due to deteriorating security conditions and […]

Foreign Residents in Palestine Face Challenges in Remaining Legal Residents 1

In an effort to put pressure on foreign residents living in the Palestinian territories, the Israeli government has enforced a series of visa restrictions. To maintain their legal residency status in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, foreign residents must regularly renew their visas with the Palestinian Interior Ministry, which […]

As the Syrian Revolution Comes To an End, The Regions Humanitarian Crisis Worsens

After three weeks of military attacks led by the Syrian government with Russian support, the city of Deraa has been reclaimed from rebels. This governmental success marks a huge milestone towards the end of the revolution in Syria according to Joshua Landis (Director for the Centre of Middle Eastern Studies […]

A Step Towards Peace: Trump Offers To Meet With Iran Without Preconditions

On Monday 30 July, United States President Donald Trump announced that he would like to meet the Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani at “any time” with “no preconditions.”  At a brief news conference at the White House, Trump said he would meet with “anybody” since he “believes in meeting.” There is […]