Female Candidates Experience Harassment Ahead Of The May 12 Parliamentary Elections In Iraq

If you were to stroll through the streets of Iraq ahead of this week’s parliamentary elections, you may be encouraged by the number of female faces on political posters; an indication that women are feeling motivated to have their voices heard on important issues, and have a hand in shaping […]

Upcoming Parliamentary Elections: A Turning Point In Iraq’s Long Road To Peace And Democracy, Or More Of The Same?

Iraq is set to hold its parliamentary elections next month, for the first time since declaring victory over ISIS in December 2017. Iraqis will head to the polls on 12 May 2018 to choose their next President and Prime Minister, the outcome of which will pose serious implications for the […]

Hydropolitics Sinks To New Depths In The Heart Of The Middle East

Within the Middle East, equal access to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and their tributaries in Iran, is now more important than ever. The breakdown of water access in this region is inherently related to the origins of these rivers. After Turkey and Iran take their share, fair or otherwise, […]

“Transparent” vs. “Unethical” Journalism Practices: Why It Is Time To Change The Practice Of Overseas Reporting

Humans are natural story tellers. We thrive off of sharing our experiences with one another and are a fairly inquisitive species. The media plays a large role in satisfying this curiosity and connects our world during times of victory and terror. Through news stories, we are able to draw conclusions […]

Victims Caught In Syrian And Turkish Relations

In Northern Syria, on the border with Turkey, the “People’s Protection Unit” or YPG (in Kurdish, Yekîneyên Parastina Gel) have occupied the town of Afrin. The YPG have been linked to the separatist group the Kurdistan Workers Party or PKK (in Kurdish, Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê), who are based in Turkey […]