Torture In Iraq Ignored By Judges

According to the Human Rights Watch, judges in Iraq have been routinely dismissing allegations of torture and convict terrorism suspects on confessions that are supposedly coerced. As thousands of alleged ISIS members have been arrested, concerns for torture have risen in Iraq as trials continue. Although the Iraqi Constitution prohibits […]

As US-Iran Tensions Rise, It’s Important To Look At The Iraq-Era War Criminals And Hawks Still In US Government

This week, tensions between the USA and Iran have risen as leaders on both sides have threatened each other over Twitter. The United States is officially fighting wars in seven different countries at the moment, steadily rising since the War on Terror began in 2001. In this light, it is […]

Protests In the Southern Region Of Iraq

Protests in southern Iraq have entered the second week despite the government promising to work towards meeting the protestors’ demands. Starting in the oil-rich province of Basra and now spreading to several other cities, protestors have gathered demanding the government increase the quality of basic services and to address unemployment. […]

Previously Opposed Iraqi Leaders Al-Abadi And Al-Sadr Create Alliance

In the wake of the May 12th Iraqi election, in which allegations of fraud caused political tensions, the current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and infamous cleric Muqtada al-Sadr have declared the formation of a coalition. Al-Sadr is a populist politician who surprisingly won the past election, a result which raised suspicions […]

EU’s 2018 Migration Summit: An Influx Of Migrants Or An Influx Of Populist Power?

There has been a dramatic change in the political landscape for migrants in Europe over the weekend as a new EU wide summit was reached regarding how the Union would deal with migration issues in the future. They key aspects of the summit include:  domestic control centres within the EU, […]

Female Candidates Experience Harassment Ahead Of The May 12 Parliamentary Elections In Iraq

If you were to stroll through the streets of Iraq ahead of this week’s parliamentary elections, you may be encouraged by the number of female faces on political posters; an indication that women are feeling motivated to have their voices heard on important issues, and have a hand in shaping […]