U.S. To Call For Emergency Session Of Security Council To Discuss Iran

The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has stated that the U.S. will call for emergency sessions of both the UN Security Council and Human Rights Council to discuss the increasingly volatile situation in Iran. Disgruntled Iranians have been protesting against the entire political establishment for over a […]

68 Civilians Killed In One Of The Largest Mass Casualty Days Of Yemen’s Civil War

68 Yemeni civilians were killed in two separate air strike attacks in a single day, as Yemen’s civil war rages on and the civilian death toll continues to rise, both as a direct and indirect consequence of the war. The airstrikes occurred on a farm and at a marketplace and […]

Escalating Protests In Iran Lead To Violence

Anti-government protests in Iran have erupted into violence, with confrontations between government forces and demonstrators being reported around the country. Two protestors have been reportedly killed as a result of these clashes. Protests have raged across Iran for three consecutive days. Erupting throughout several Iranian cities days ago, protestors continue […]

Economic Protests Shake Iran

Tensions are escalating in Iran as anti-government protests erupt across different cities over the country’s economic policies, making them the largest protests the Iranian government has faced in nearly a decade. Protests began on Thursday in the second-largest city of Masshad, with Iranians expressing anger against rising prices, unemployment, and […]

Iran And Saudi Arabia’s Gender Reform Rivalry

As traditional political and religious tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia intensify, it seems a new rivalry has emerged as both states race to ease respective government restrictions of women’s rights. Saudi Arabia has long been considered more repressive towards women than Iran; however, policy reform in recent years, including women […]