30 Dead In Riots Protesting Indian Guru’s Rape Conviction: Government Failure And The Rise Of The Guru State

At least 30 people have died in Northern India in riots after the popular spiritual leader, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, was convicted of sexually assaulting two of his female followers. Singh leads Dera Sacha Sauda, a spiritual nonprofit organization. Over 200,000 of his followers gathered in Chandigarh, the shared capital […]

The End Of “Triple Talaq:” A Victory Long Overdue For India’s Muslim Women

India’s Supreme Court banned a form of unilateral, instant, and irrevocable divorce on Tuesday, thereby answering a demand Muslim women have been making in the country for over 70 years. Known widely as “triple talaq,” the controversial practice allows husbands to divorce their wives simply by uttering the word “talaq” […]

The India-Pakistan Crisis

This past Monday marked the 70th Anniversary of India’s independence from British rule. On August 14th, 1947, the region known as the Indian subcontinent was divided into two countries: Hindu-majority India and Muslim-majority Pakistan. Tragically, given rampant religious differences within the formerly united colony, the split did not come without […]

Lok Sabha Proposes Peace Negotiations With Pakistan Independent Of Terrorist Attacks

Both India and Pakistan, which celebrate their 70th birthdays this month, have maintained a turbulent relationship since the Partition of 1947. An increase in terrorist attacks has halted peace discussions between the two nations, albeit this was the result of previous visits by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to then-Prime Minister […]

Could China’s Current Developments Create Concerns For Cultivating World Peace?

In recent times, tensions are at an all-time high between China and India owing to the stand-off at Doklam in Bhutan. In an effort to prevent the Chinese from building a road through the Doklam plateau (and therefore through Bhutan), India’s Modi-led administration has sent troops to the region to […]

Wave Of Violence Hits Indian-Administered Kashmir: The Symptoms Of An Unresolved Dispute

Over the past few days, civilians in Indian-administered Kashmir have taken to the streets in a series of protests against Indian forces. The unrest on Tuesday came in response to the killing of two suspected militants in the Pulwama district of Kashmir. One death occurred during a gunbattle with Indian […]