Heavy Rains And Flood Impact 45 Million People Across South Asia

Heavy rains in South Asia during the monsoon season have caused massive flooding, affecting 45 million people across the region. While some flooding is expected during the rainy season or monsoon season from June to September, this year’s floods have been the worst in many years. The UN said, “torrential […]

Families Affected By 2013 India Riots Still Not Compensated

An Amnesty International report has found that over 190 families displaced because of the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots in India have not received compensation. The report found that inconsistent definitions were applied to the term family to deny compensation to families. These families, in many cases, are continuing to live in […]

One Of India’s Most Famous Journalists, Praised For Her Support Of Marginalized Groups, Is Brutally Murdered Outside Her Home

55-year old Gauri Lankesh, an Indian journalist who fought against injustice and openly criticized right-wing groups, was fatally shot by three unknown attackers in front of her home in Bangalore. The incident took place on Tuesday and has led to widespread shock and outrage across India, with fellow journalists and […]

Nuclear Brinksmanship On The Korean Peninsula

The successful subterranean test by North Korea of a hydrogen bomb, which they claim is capable of being mounted on to an intercontinental ballistic missile, though predictable, has raised alarm bells throughout the international community, particularly among the unified command centres in South Korea and Japan, which cannot operate independently […]

India Declares Instant Divorce Practice Unconstitutional

Until last week, Muslim men in India had the possibility to instantaneously divorce their wife by just pronouncing the word “Talaq” three times. However, a decision by the Indian Supreme Court has now banned the practice also known as ‘Instant Divorce’ or ‘Triple Talaq,’ declaring it unconstitutional. The Supreme Court’s […]

Recent Tension Between China And India

Sino-Indian diplomacy has fallen apart, and it is at the point where strong accusations have been made against the two Asian giants. Moreover, soldiers from the two countries have been locked in a bitter standoff since June when Chinese troops began the construction of a road through a contested region […]

A Battle Finally Won: Indian Court Bans Practice Of Instant Divorce, In A Move Labelled ‘Historic’ By Narendra Modi

India’s Supreme Court has ruled that the practice of instant divorce in Islam, formally known as ‘triple talaq,’ is in violation of the Constitution, thus marking a significant victory for women’s rights campaigners. The five-judge court bench repealed the practice of instant triple talaq, citing its contravention of Constitutional morality, most […]