Friends And Foes Vie For Kushner Kompromat: White House Policy Up For Sale

It is no secret that Donald Trump always surrounds himself with people that have shady and secretive pasts and continued to do so throughout his presidential campaign and even during his transition into the White House. Many of these people, including Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, have been charged with […]

Beijing’s Aggressive Anti-Migrant Campaign

This winter, forcible evictions in China’s capital have intensified. After an apartment fire killed 19 people in November, the government launched an aggressive campaign to destroy unauthorized and unsafe structures. Entire neighbourhoods in Beijing have since been demolished, forcing eviction upon tens of thousands of residents. The campaign is so […]

The Celebration Of Girl’s Day In China: An Unfinished Journey Of Pursuing Women’s Rights

As the International Women’s Day approaches and passes, an interesting practice on the international festival in China was once again called into question. It has become more and more popular for female college students to celebrate a March 7th festival called ‘Girls’ Day,’ who created their own version, refusing to […]

Democratic Crisis In The Maldives: President Declares State Of Emergency

The Maldives have spiralled into political turmoil after President Abdulla Yameen, defied a Supreme Court ruling and ordered the arrest of a former President and two Chief Justices. The chaos began as the Supreme Court handed down an unexpected decision to release several high profile political prisoners, as well as […]

Dictatorship With Chinese Characteristics

On February 25th, in a bland announcement, nearly three decades of Chinese political leadership was upended. In a clear break with precedent, the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party proposed removing the constitutional restriction on term limits for the office of President and Vice-President. Previously, officeholders had been allowed […]

The Philippines On China’s Controversial Military Buildup In The South China Sea

The resource-rich South China Sea serves as a source of fishing and mining for Taiwan, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam and China. These countries are entitled to extract resources up to 200 nautical miles from their coast in their Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). With the exception of China, most countries […]

Contemporary Nuclear Policy: The Prognosis Of War

Earlier this month, the United States government published a legislative-mandated report titled the ‘Nuclear Posture Review.’ The Department of Defense (DoD) report aimed to assess and establish American nuclear policy, tactics and current capabilities, but also warned legislators of the increasing dangers posed by superpowers – Russia, in particular – […]

Pro-Democracy Groups Take To The Street In Hong Kong After Government Disqualifies Activist From Legislative Elections 1

On January 28th, thousands of emboldened pro-democracy advocates participated in widespread protests in Hong Kong amid the government’s decision to bar prominent activist Agnes Chow from running in the upcoming March legislative elections. This move comes from growing concern over Beijing’s apparent attempt to erode Hong Kong’s highly-valued autonomy. Had […]

The Celebration Show And Its Aftermath: What Is Beyond The Intentional Silence On The State Of Human Rights In China?

Alex Joske was watching the Chinese National Day Celebration show at a theatre in Canberra, Australia, when security staff attempted to force him to leave. The event was organized by the pro-Beijing Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA). Not long before he was kicked out of the event, he wrote […]