Trump’s Latest 10% Tariff on $200 Billion Worth of Chinese Goods Forces China to Reconsider “Tit for Tat” Stance in US-China Trade War

This Tuesday, President Trump announced a set of ten percent tariffs on 200 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods annually, slated to take effect as of next week. This newest tariff marks the pinnacle sort of speak in Trump’s recent slew of threats; in July, the president imposed tariffs on […]

Uighurs: Strangers In Their Own Homes

‘Internment camps’: are they the best way to fight religious extremism, at the risk of limiting personal freedoms afforded under human rights law? According to the Uighur American Association, there are approximately 15 million Uighurs living in Xinjiang, China. In China, the majority population in China are the Han Chinese, […]

China’s Growing Navy Poses A Threat To The U.S.

China’s navy has received renewed attention as its growth begins to challenge U.S. military hegemony within the Pacific Ocean. The uncertainty surrounding how this will affect future relations between China and the U.S. remains unknown and worrisome. As an established economic superpower, China is now moving to become one of […]

United Nations Calls For Genocide Charges Against Myanmar Military Officials

Myanmar’s military commander and five other high-ranking military officials should be brought before the International Criminal Court to be tried for genocide, according to the United Nations. The decision comes after a yearlong investigation into the Tatmadaw’s crackdown on the Rohingya Muslims last year. Focusing on the Kachin, Rakhine and […]

Google’s Return To China: A Farewell To Human Rights?

In a recent article, The Intercept reported that Google is developing a new search engine and news app codenamed ‘Project Dragonfly,’ that will be censored to comply with China’s restrictive censorship laws and other legal requirements. The search engine would “blacklist websites and search terms about human rights, democracy, religion, […]

Yet Again, China Looks at Relaxing Its Family Planning Policies

Since 1979, China has officially limited the number of children couples are allowed to bear in an attempt to avoid food shortages as the economy rapidly developed. Carving a legacy of demographic imbalance, horrific cases of abortion, sterilizations, and infanticide, and a population aging at a worrisome rate, family planning—as […]

Under Threat Of Obsolescence, Taiwan Seeks To Improve Military Capability

Taiwan is in the process of modernizing its missiles in an effort to close the gap between its own and China’s rapidly improving military capacities. The decision comes during a time when China, which has long threatened Taiwan with military force if it sought independence, is substantially increasing its defense […]