Sea Slaves: The Violation Of Human Rights Within The Fishing Industry In Southeast Asia

In March 2015, after 18 months of investigation, Associated Press (AP) journalists first traced the seafood available in supermarkets across the world to the abusive practices of human trafficking and slavery within the fishing industry in Southeast Asia. The Associated Press reported that “this intricate web of connections separates the […]

The Retreat Of International Law

Despite the discussions of rule-based systems in governing maritime security, recent events seem to point to the erosion of influence of international law and supranational organizations. Instead, a resurgence of states in international affairs appears to be more than likely as global integration recedes and nationalists reassert themselves in national […]

Rohingya Muslims Flee Persecution In Myanmar To Neighbouring Bangladesh

Rohingya Muslims are escaping persecution in Rakhine State Myanmar, with reports of disappearances as refugees flee across the border to neighbouring Bangladesh. According to the United Nations, nearly 70 people died last week during violent police raids, which were conducted by the state military with 30,000 others were left displaced […]

Annan’s Myanmar Visit Signals Progress In The Rohingya Issue

Kofi Annan’s recent trip to Myanmar highlighted the continued legal, emotional and political limbo faced by the Rohingya, a minority group of mostly Muslim faith concentrated in Rakhine state in Myanmar.  Annan asserted that his position as chair of an advisory commission set by Myanmar’s foreign minister and former jailed […]

Concerning Human Rights Trends In Asia

Despite experiencing rapid development, a review of human rights and the strength of democracy in the Asian region yields increasingly dismal results. Growth and progress, whilst commendable, have prioritised economics over people, failing to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms. Extrajudicial killings, modern slavery and repressed civil society are alarmingly […]

Muslims Celebrate The End Of Ramadan Amidst A Month Plagued By Violence

  For many across the world, Eid, which marks the end of Ramadan, has come with a whirlwind of emotions. While millions in the global Islamic community come together to celebrate the end of the Islamic holy month of fasting, many mourn the death of those that became victims of […]

Brutal Assault Of Hindu Teacher Is Latest In Recent Wave Of Bangladeshi Extremist Attacks

Hindu college teacher, Ripon Charkavarti, was brutally attacked by three men on the doorstep of his home in the town of Madaripur, Bangladesh on June 15th, 2016. According to police, the attackers were armed with machete knives. As a result of the attack, Charkavarti is currently in critical condition at […]