South Sudan

Third Round Of HLRF Talks Pass Without A Negotiated Peace Settlement For South Sudan

Talks concerning peace in South Sudan finished on Wednesday 23 May, without a negotiated settlement between the warring parties. The third round of the High-Level Revitalization Forum (HLRF), held in Addis Ababa, took place between 17 and 23 May. The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the regional organization facilitating the […]

South Sudan Returns To The Brink Of Famine Amidst Ongoing Civil War

Amidst the beginning of the fifth year of the country’s civil war, millions of people in South Sudan continue to suffer the effects of a “Never-Ending Hunger Season” that has caused widespread malnutrition and brought the nation to the brink of famine once again, spurring a humanitarian crisis, needing to […]

Aid Workers’ Abduction In South Sudan Highlights The Continued Dangers Of Aid Work In The Country

The abduction of ten aid workers in South Sudan – one of many over the past five years – has highlighted the risks and dangers humanitarian workers routinely face in the country. South Sudan has been mired in civil war since 2013, just two years after it first gained independence from […]

Former South Sudanese Army Commander Forms New Splinter Group, Fragmenting Opposition Further

On Monday, April 9th, Paul Malong Awan, until recently the most senior military official in South Sudan, published a document announcing the formation of a new opposition group – the South Sudan United Front (SSUF). Since May 2017, when Malong was sacked from his position as Chief of General Staff of […]

Armed Groups In South Sudan Release More Than 200 Child Soldiers

Over two hundred child soldiers have been freed in South Sudan last week. At the “laying down of the guns” release ceremony, 112 boys and 95 girls were returned to their communities. This was the first community release of child soldiers where children could directly return to their families, instead […]

UN Officials Emphasize Relationship Between Conflict And Hunger

As hunger and conflict both continue to be on the rise worldwide, officials at the United Nations recently spoke about the symbiosis between the two issues, and the need to approach them accordingly. David Beasley, head of the UN World Food Program, emphasized the ways in which global conflict and […]

Sudan Releases Political Activists Imprisoned After Deadly Protests Last Month

In February, Sudan’s president Omar Al-Bashir ordered the release of 80 protesters and opposition activists, who were detained in January for protesting against rising food prices. Salah Gosh, Sudan’s head of the National Security and Intelligence Services (NISS), told Sudanese media that the remaining detainees would only be released if […]