South Africa

South African President Appeals For Calm After Violent Protests

Cyril Ramaphosa, South Africa’s new president, appealed for calm after protests on April 21st.  The citizens of the North West province of South Africa were protesting against their provincial leader on charges of corruption. People in this province have not been getting the resources they need due to a lack […]

Cape Town, Day Zero, And The Implications Of Facing A Water Crisis In The 21st Century

Cape Town has not experienced a significant rainfall in years and is now suffering through a three-year drought that has created a water crisis like none other seen in the 21st century. For the moment, however, it seems that preventative measures have succeeded in pushing back the so-called “Day Zero” […]

Considering South African Expropriation

On February 28th, the South African parliament voted in favour of a motion that would amend the Constitution to allow the expropriation of white-owned land. Whilst expropriation, being the requisitioning of property by a state for public use or benefit, is inherently entwined with controversy, this particular instance differs, as […]

South Africa’s 9/11: Cape Town Water Crisis

16 April 2018. The day in which one of Africa’s most affluent cities, Cape Town, is predicted to run out of water. After a one-in-384-year drought and a 79% increase in population growth since 1994, according to The Guardian, South Africa’s second-largest city has been affected by climate change a decade […]