South Africa

Cape Town, Day Zero, And The Implications Of Facing A Water Crisis In The 21st Century

Cape Town has not experienced a significant rainfall in years, and is now suffering through a three-year drought that has created a water crisis like none other seen in the 21st century. For the moment, however, it seems that preventative measures have succeeded at pushing back the so-called “Day Zero” […]

Cape Town Residents Face Drought As “Day Zero” Of Running Water Approaches

Cape Town, South Africa, is facing the greatest drought in its recorded ninety-seven-year history. The city has battled a severe drought for the past 3 years. Water levels steadily declined in the city’s six dams and were at 28.5% capacity in January 2018. The final 10% of the water in […]

South Africa’s 9/11: Cape Town Water Crisis

16 April 2018. The day in which one of Africa’s most affluent cities, Cape Town, is predicted to run out of water. After a one-in-384-year drought and a 79% increase in population growth since 1994, according to The Guardian, South Africa’s second-largest city has been affected by climate change a decade […]

Israel Withdrawal From UNESCO Confirmed

On December 29, 2017, after lengthy anticipation, Director-General Audrey Azoulay officially announced Israel’s withdrawal from the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) after being a member since September 1, 1949. Azoulay’s statement makes it evident that Israel’s withdrawal was directly in line with the United States’s withdrawal earlier last […]