South Africa

The Danger Of The International Community’s Involvement In South Africa’s Farm Attacks

The current phenomena, in which liberal democracies have become overtaken by the now-global far-right nationalist movement, has been a prominent topic of media coverage in the past few years. However, a majority of the coverage has focused on the Global West: The French Front National, the U.S. Trump administration, and the […]

Persistence of Xenophobic Attacks Against Nigerians In South Africa

The Government of Nigeria has expressed concern over the continued killing of Nigerians in xenophobic attacks in South Africa. This is as findings revealed that one Nigerian is killed weekly as a result of xenophobic attacks in the country. Xenophobia is a hate crime where logic goes beyond the often […]

The Commonwealth Of Nations: Gentleman’s Club Or People-Centered Club?

The 25th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) has finally closed its doors in the English city of London. It was declared open by Queen Elizabeth II, who called on the CHOGM members to religiously appoint her apparent heir, Charles, Prince of Wales, to succeed her in the largely ceremonial […]

South African President Appeals For Calm After Violent Protests

Cyril Ramaphosa, South Africa’s new president, appealed for calm after protests on April 21st.  The citizens of the North West province of South Africa were protesting against their provincial leader on charges of corruption. People in this province have not been getting the resources they need due to a lack […]

Cape Town, Day Zero, And The Implications Of Facing A Water Crisis In The 21st Century

Cape Town has not experienced a significant rainfall in years and is now suffering through a three-year drought that has created a water crisis like none other seen in the 21st century. For the moment, however, it seems that preventative measures have succeeded in pushing back the so-called “Day Zero” […]

Cape Town Residents Face Drought As “Day Zero” Of Running Water Approaches

Cape Town, South Africa, is facing the greatest drought in its recorded ninety-seven-year history. The city has battled a severe drought for the past 3 years. Water levels steadily declined in the city’s six dams and were at 28.5% capacity in January 2018. The final 10% of the water in […]