Why Al-Shabaab Continued To Attract Kenyan Fighters?

Despite numerous efforts of the Kenyan government and its allies, Al-Shabab continues to recruit Kenyans. On Wednesday, Kenyan National Police Service (NPS) identified three Kenyans who went to Somalia to join the terror group. According to the NPS statement, the three are already in Somalia training under Al-Shabaab. Without argument, […]

AFRICOM Confirms Most Recent Anti-Terror Strike In Somalia

On Friday, April 6th, United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) announced that its most recent airstrike in Somalia killed three members of al-Shabaab, according to the New York Times. The strike took place roughly 230 miles southwest of the capital Mogadishu, near the small town of Jilib, which is generally considered […]

Narcotics And Terrorist Financing: How Al Shabaab Profit From The Global Heroin Trade

In the first two months of 2018, almost 1,400 kilograms of narcotics were intercepted in the Indian Ocean, not far from the east African coast. According to the Drug Control and Enforcement Authority in Tanzania (DCEA) it is highly likely that these were in transit towards Kenya and Tanzania, where […]

Report Details Abuse Of African Immigrants In ICE Custody

As anti-immigration rhetoric in the United States continues to gain traction, details from more than two dozen detainees in Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody raise further questions into the potential for abuses and dehumanization under current policy and political ideology.  After 80 men from Africa living in the United States […]

UN Officials Emphasize Relationship Between Conflict And Hunger

As hunger and conflict both continue to be on the rise worldwide, officials at the United Nations recently spoke about the symbiosis between the two issues, and the need to approach them accordingly. David Beasley, head of the UN World Food Program, emphasized the ways in which global conflict and […]

Facing A Crisis Of Morale And Financial Pressure, Al-Shabab Intensifies Systematic Abuses

Systematic human rights abuses, proportionate with those committed by the Islamic State, are being committed by al-Shabab militants in Somalia. There are reports of the al-Qaeda-affiliated group extorting huge sums of money from starving villages and forcibly recruiting hundreds of suicide bombers and child soldiers. Despite formerly controlling much of […]

The 30th Summit Of The African Union And Its Implications For Regional Peace And Security

The 30th Ordinary Session of the African Union (AU) Summit was held between the 22 and 29 of January 2018, at the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Led by Rwandan President Paul Kagame, the newly-elected AU Chairperson, the Summit’s core theme was ‘Winning the Fight Against Corruption: A Sustainable […]

Raised In Unrest: 357 Million Children Are Growing Up In High-Conflict Areas

A study completed by international charity, Save the Children has revealed that every sixth child in the world is growing up in a conflict zone. Syria, Afghanistan, and Somalia have been listed the top three most dangerous countries to be a child. The turmoil which threatens the safety of millions […]

The Illusion Of Democratic Peace In Sub-Saharan Africa

More than 50 years since the process of independence began in the African continent – at the height of the Cold War – the discussion of democratic peace still looms. Scholars, governments and concerned citizens alike contemplate the implementation of democratization throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, which is heavily influenced by the […]