Responsibility to Protect and the UN Security Council: An Outdated Preventive Doctrine

Almost five years have passed and the United Nations has estimated that more than 250,000 people have been killed since the Syrian conflict began, which includes 500 children, according to UNICEF.  United Nations Security Council, the guardian of world peace and stability, has not only failed to prevent the war […]

UN Security Council Resolution To Deploy Police Force To Burundi

  UN Security Council Resolution 2279 was passed on April 1, 2016, with the intention of battling the tense situation in Burundi. It moves forward in deploying a UN police force, which will be accepted by Burundi’s government, as its aim is to help maintain their security. This resolution intends […]

Your Electronic Devices Finance War In Eastern Congo

  Gold, tin, tungsten and tantalum are all minerals that can be found in most modern electronic devices, including your phone, computer, gaming system and portable music player. Another thing they have in common is that there are all ‘conflict minerals’. Most of us are aware of the miserable conditions […]

The Burundi Crisis: Allegations of Rwandan Involvement

Almost a quarter of a million Burundian citizens, fearing the growing inflation and instability, have been fleeing the country since April 2015. From a leaked confidential special report to the Security Council by the United Nations, investigators have found refugees being trained for the past two months in Eastern Rwanda […]

Burundi accuses Rwanda of Supporting and Hosting Unsuccessful 2015 Coup D’état Leaders

Tensions between Burundi and Rwanda appear to be rising after Burundi’s Foreign Minister, Alain Nyamitwe, accused Rwanda of supporting and hosting leaders that reportedly tried to oust the Burundi government. The situation in Burundi has been tense since the ruling party, the National Council for the Defense of Democracy – […]

Peacekeeper or Peacekicker? Rwandan MINUSCA Soldier Attacks Fellow Military Men

A Rwandan soldier serving with the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Central African Republic, otherwise referred to as MINUSCA, is reported to have committed suicide after gunning down four of his fellow countrymen and wounding eight others. This unfortunate event took place at dawn on August 08, 2015, in […]

Sexism And Peace-Building

Armed conflict and its consequences affect women’s lives immeasurably.  Although women are typically not active combatants,[1] armed conflicts impact them disproportionately. Women are not only victims’ of hardships and displacement in violent conflicts, they are also directly targeted with rape, forced pregnancies, and assault as deliberate instruments of war. In Rwanda, […]

The Lord’s Resistance Army In Central Africa

The Lord’s Resistance army (LRA) has a long history in Uganda, spanning more than two and a half decades. Based in northern Uganda, the LRA claims to be in pursuit of a Christian state, with the Ten Commandments to be the states constitution. Unfortunately the LRA has been responsible for […]