Detained Refugees Allegedly Tortured In Libyan Detention Centre

Last week, refugees and migrants, including minors, were reported to have been tortured in Libya for escaping and protesting the inhumane conditions of their detainment under Libya’s Department of Combatting Illegal Migration (DCIM). Most detained Libyan refugees and migrants were returned to Libya by the E.U. funded Libyan coastguard after […]

Egypt’s Parliament Votes To Lift Term Limits For President

The Egyptian Parliament voted on Thursday to eliminate the constitutional term limit for president, thereby ensuring that Abdel Fatah el-Sisi will be able to remain in office as late as 2034. 485 of 596 lawmakers in the parliament supported this new amendment, illustrating the broad support el-Sisi enjoys in the […]

Libya Calls For Partial Arms Embargo Lift After Foreign Ministry Attacked

Three people, including a senior civil servant, were killed during an attack on Libya’s Foreign Ministry last Tuesday. The three attackers also died on the scene: one was shot by security forces and the other two were killed by the detonation of explosives they were carrying. Daesh claimed responsibility the […]

UN Cracks Down On Human Trafficking In Libya

The United Nations Security Council, led by the Netherlands, recently adopted a resolution to sanction perpetrators of human trafficking and sexual abuse in Libya, CNN writes. The sanctions require countries to freeze the assets of individuals committing these crimes and prevent them from travelling. This is a timely strengthening of […]

Aquarius, The Last Mediterranean Refugee Rescue Ship, Ends Operations Amid Pressure From EU States

Rescue and relief organizations SOS Méditerranée and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) have recently announced that they are ending the Aquarius refugee rescue mission in the Mediterranean Sea. This decision followed the two-month halt to operations that Aquarius has endured following the revocation of its registration. 24 people associated with Aquarius have been […]

Europe’s Shame: Aquarius Rescue Ship Forced From The Sea

The final refugee search and rescue ship working in the Mediterranean has been forced to suspend its operations following political pressure spearheaded by Italy and supported by major EU states. The rescue vessel Aquarius, which has been moored in Marseille since October 4, is operated by the charitable organizations SOS […]

Without Food Or Water: Libya’s Unregistered Refugees Abandoned Amidst Renewed Conflict

For the past month, Libya has suffered heightened conflict between militia groups, catalyzed by a surprise attack launched by the Seventh Brigade on 27 August. Several years of civil war in Libya have resulted in a severe, protracted crisis, leaving half a million people displaced and basic infrastructure destroyed. In recent […]

Increased CIA Drone Presence In Niger Creates A Lack Of Accountability

It was recently revealed that the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been expanding a small commercial airport in Dirkou, Niger to facilitate increased drone presence in the northwest region of Africa. The New York Times journalists who reported this mentioned that this development is in response to heightened […]

Renewed Intense Fighting Throughout Libya

On August 27, intense clashes between rival armed groups in Libya were renewed following a surprise attack from one armed group, the Seventh Brigade, launched against their rivals. According to Al Jazeera, after roughly a week of fighting 39 Libyan’s were killed, including 18 civilians, with hundreds more wounded. The […]