Made In Africa

I have heard many say that ‘adulting’ is no fun. It means being more aware of the happenings of the world, a job, taxes, thinking about ends meeting, and basically, responsibility, for some that is. Many others either have the pleasure of remaining children, even after physically becoming adults, or […]

The Importance Of A Peaceful Presidential Election In Kenya

As Tuesday approaches, the world waits to see what will happen with the presidential election in Kenya. Not only is a peaceful election crucial for Kenya, but as the largest East African nation, its political stability will directly impact the surrounding countries as well. Although eight candidates are vying for […]

Election Official Found Dead Days Before Kenya Election

Days before the general election in Kenya, which is scheduled for August 8, 2017, Christopher Msando, head of information technology for Kenya’s Integrated Electoral Management System, was found dead on July 31. His department was tasked with voter identification and result transmission technology for the upcoming election. His body was […]

Electoral Conflict In Kenya: Understanding The Role Of National And Social Media

In the 1990s, the transformation of the Kenyan political system from a one-party to a multi-party state intensified the problems associated with ethnic violence among tribes. The system emerged with the 1992 General Elections, through which established major parties, founded on tribal lines, fuelled the already strong conflictual relations among […]