Egyptian-Saudi Relations Further Strained By Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Egypt have been rising since the outbreak of conflict in Syria, with Egypt supporting the Syrian state and Saudi Arabia calling for the removal of Bashar Al-Assad. Tensions continue to mount as Saudi Arabia is looking to invest in the construction of the Grand Ethiopian […]

England And US Ban Electronics On Flights From Middle Eastern Countries

Without warning on Tuesday, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that England would follow the United States’ example and ban certain electronic devices from flights originating from six Middle East countries. The announcement followed an earlier policy from the US Department of Homeland Security that bans “devices larger than a […]

US Warning To Israel Over West Bank Settlements Signals New Backpedaling by Trump

Since the end of World War II and the creation of Israel, conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has characterized the geopolitical climate of the region. Numerous attempts at peace and intervention from foreign powers, particularly the United States, are frequent in the history of the area along with flare-ups of […]

Oman Joins The Saudi-Led Anti-Terrorism Islamic Coalition

Earlier this week, Oman confirmed its move to join a Saudi-led coalition of Muslim countries to fight terrorism. This move has been praised by other Gulf Arab states. The Omani Foreign Ministry hopes the move will bring peace and security to the region. In December 2015, Saudi Arabia announced the […]

US Issues Jordan And Egypt Travel Warning After Deadly Attacks

  The US State Department has issued a travel warning due to the “threats from terrorist groups” after recent attacks. It was advised to stay away from Jordan’s border with Syria and Iraq. Places like malls, hotels, and restaurants were also listed as “soft targets.” The Department also warned of […]