Democratic Republic of Congo

Is The Central Africa Sub-region A Curse Land?

For some weeks now the Central African state of Gabon has been making headline news. It started some months ago when opposition party members protested against Ali Bongo’s presidential candidature on the grounds that he was not born on Gabonese soil. Even though the judiciary never gave into their demands, […]

The Quest For World Peace Must Go On

In today’s world, almost everyday a story of war or conflict due to one reason or another is featured in both local and international news. Whether they are stories of war between nations or internal strife, it seems that peace has become elusive and people are getting used to reports […]

Civilian Massacre In DR Congo Causes Further Civil Unrest

  Scores of civilians were killed in the northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo last Saturday, August 13th when an unidentified group attacked a village near Beni town in North Kivu. The Governor of the North Kivu province, Julien Paluku, confirmed in a statement that at least 22 men and […]

Dozens Hacked to Death and Trust in the UN Lessens in the DR Congo

In the northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the death toll rises with at least 64 people dead after an attack suspected to have been carried out by rebels. The reports emerged on Al Jazeera, who Nyonyi Bwanakawa, the mayor of Beni in North Kivu, informed that the attack on Saturday night happened in the town’s Rwangoma district. […]

Violence And Political Tensions In The Democratic Republic Of Congo

  Over seventy armed groups are currently operating in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Democratic Forces of Liberation of Rwanda and the Ugandan Allied Democratic Forces, two of the strongest militant groups in the country, have effectively asserted their control over weakly governed areas […]

Ugandan Army Pulls Troops in Fight Against LRA

Late last week, Uganda announced plans to pull back approximately 2,500 troops from the Central African Republic who are searching for high-ranking members of the Lord’s Resistance Army. The LRA is an organization that bases its belief system on the pillars of Christianity. It gained international notoriety through the Kony 2012 […]

Tension Builds in Democratic Republic of Congo as Protests Against President Turn Violent

Planned nationwide protests in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) turned violent after security forces clashed with protesters on May 26th. Thousands took to the streets to protest president Joseph Kabila’s reluctance to schedule an election that is due to take place this November at the expiry of his second […]

Rape Recognized as a War Crime

On March 22nd, 2016, the International Criminal Court has accepted rape as a war crime, following the former Vice-President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Jean-Pierre Bemba’s, trial. Bemba was arrested in 2008 in Belgium and relocated to The Hague, with the full trial beginning in 2010, and heard […]

Your Electronic Devices Finance War In Eastern Congo

  Gold, tin, tungsten and tantalum are all minerals that can be found in most modern electronic devices, including your phone, computer, gaming system and portable music player. Another thing they have in common is that there are all ‘conflict minerals’. Most of us are aware of the miserable conditions […]