The Burundi Crisis: Allegations of Rwandan Involvement

Almost a quarter of a million Burundian citizens, fearing the growing inflation and instability, have been fleeing the country since April 2015. From a leaked confidential special report to the Security Council by the United Nations, investigators have found refugees being trained for the past two months in Eastern Rwanda […]

The Security Situation in Burundi

It was since April 2015 that Burundi found itself in security risk, while president Nkurunziza officially announce his running for third term presidential contest. Immediately public protest erupted, security deteriorated, and violence escalated without remedies until now. It has been frequently reported that, as of 20 December, 2015 approximately 400 […]

Desperate Diplomacy To Quell Burundian Tensions

On Friday  January 22, high-level meetings between diplomats from the UN Security Council, the Burundian President, the President of the National Assembly, civil society, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission attempted to resolve the political turmoil that has threatened the stability of the Central African country Burundi. . The escalation […]

Help Prevent a Genocide

A Petition from the International Community to demand that the Burundian government Accept African Union Peacekeepers Dear youth and youth led advocates over the world; the OWP is writing to you concerning a groundbreaking, youth-led campaign against the Burundian government’s refusal to accept African Union peacekeepers into their country. Since […]

Burundi: The Next Failed State?

At least 240 people died this year in Burundi as a result of escalating conflict that followed the debated presidential elections in April. President Nkurunziza decided to run for his third-term, which according to Burundian constitution is not allowed. However, he claimed that for his first term he was appointed by […]

Burundi On The Brink of Civil War?: Restrictions On Information Making It Hard To Know

An announcement in April of President Nkurunziza’s intention to run for a third re-election–deemed unconstitutional by the opposition– resulted in an outbreak of protests and civil unrest in Burundi. The contentious election has led to violent protests and extrajudicial killings and has resulted in over 200 civilian deaths, according to […]