Burundi Rejects UN’s Troop Deployment Despite Increasing Violence

Burundi, formally the Republic of Burundi, has rejected the United Nation’s proposal to deploy  up to 228 United Nations police officers to monitor human rights abuses and ease tensions after a year of violence. The country has faced political turmoil and increasing violence due to President Pierre Nkurunziza announcing plans in April 2015 to run for a third […]

When will the killings end? Evidence of the Burundian crisis

For some decades now, many African leaders, who call themselves democratic presidents, have been thwarting the face of their constitution and violating constitutional rights for their selfish reasons. It is now clear that many African leaders have resolved to eternalise themselves in power in the likes of Paul Biya (Cameroon), Theodore […]

UN Security Council Resolution To Deploy Police Force To Burundi

  UN Security Council Resolution 2279 was passed on April 1, 2016, with the intention of battling the tense situation in Burundi. It moves forward in deploying a UN police force, which will be accepted by Burundi’s government, as its aim is to help maintain their security. This resolution intends […]

The Burundi Crisis: Allegations of Rwandan Involvement

Almost a quarter of a million Burundian citizens, fearing the growing inflation and instability, have been fleeing the country since April 2015. From a leaked confidential special report to the Security Council by the United Nations, investigators have found refugees being trained for the past two months in Eastern Rwanda […]

Desperate Diplomacy To Quell Burundian Tensions

On Friday  January 22, high-level meetings between diplomats from the UN Security Council, the Burundian President, the President of the National Assembly, civil society, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission attempted to resolve the political turmoil that has threatened the stability of the Central African country Burundi. . The escalation […]