Ushana Jayasuriya

About Ushana Jayasuriya

Hi, my name is Ushana. I am currently studying towards an MA in Philosophy - my thesis is exploring Climate Justice. I became interested in the World Peace Organisation through my studies of international law and a paper I am currently tutoring in called International Ethics. When I saw an opportunity to be a Correspondent I thought this would be a great opportunity to explore current events and possible peaceful solutions. I believe that there can be a peaceful world and a change in attitudes is required. This change often occurs through greater knowledge of the options available. I hope through my role here, I will be able to assist in these goals by exploring these alternative options to violence and conflict.

Thailand Urged To Fulfil Assurance To End Torture

10 years after the ratification of the Convention Against Torture, Amnesty International has expressed concern that Thailand is not fulfilling its obligations. Human Rights Watch stated that Thailand has created a committee to receive complaints and investigate allegations of torture, but without law recognizing these crimes, the committee has little […]

Concerns In Central Africa Over U.S. Repealing Of “Conflict Minerals Rule”

This week, The Associated Press reported that an increase in violence in central Africa may result from the U.S. decision to stop enforcing the “conflict minerals rule.” The rule requires U.S. companies to declare if they are sourcing minerals from a conflict area in order to ensure that minerals do […]

Ongoing Conflict Hinders Hopes Of Relieving Famine In South Sudan

The Associated Press reported this week that the head of the United Nations’ food and agriculture agency warns the ongoing conflict between the Dinka majority and the Nuer minority in South Sudan could hinder any hopes of avoiding a new famine next year. The conflict has killed tens of thousands […]

Bonn Climate Negotiations: No Room For Complacency

This year, Bonn, Germany will host a series of climate negotiations.  Significant developments have occurred since the Paris Agreement of 2015. Most notably, the election of President Trump who has renounced U.S. obligations outlined in the Paris negotiations.  However, recent news suggests that China may be stepping up to take […]

Cartel-Persecuted Journalists To Receive Greater Government Protection In Mexico

President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico has vowed to enhance the protection of journalists in his country.  Reuters reports that President Peña Nieto will strengthen measures in investigations into attacks against journalists.  In a press conference held Wednesday 17 May, he announced these changes but was met by heckles from journalists who […]