Somee Lee

US-Led Coalition Reports Civilian Deaths In Iraq And Syria Since 2014

Tens more civilians were killed in western Mosul in late March, as security strikes hit ISIS locations. Sources say that civilians died in the air and artillery bombardment in the Rajm al-Hadid district, an area where violent encounters between US-backed Iraqi troops and ISIS militants have been increasing. However, the […]

Two Civilians Killed In Both Conflicts Between Kashmiri Militants And Indian Forces, As Well As The Resulting Protest

During a twelve-hour battle in the Kulgam district of India-controlled Kashmir that ended last Sunday morning, four militants, two soldiers, and a civilian were killed in the gunfire. After hearing reports of anti-Indian control militants in the area of Nagbal, Frisal village police came to conduct searches, which led to […]

Taliban Hostages Plead With US President-Elect Trump To Negotiate Their Release

Five months ago, an American and an Australian professor were kidnapped by the Taliban in Kabul, Afghanistan. In a video uploaded to Youtube this past Wednesday, which was apparently filmed on January 1st, the professors have pleaded with American President-elect Donald Trump to help secure their release. This 13-minute video […]

Russia Begins Withdrawing Troops From Syria, But Humanitarian Concerns Still Remain

Russia has finally begun to withdraw its forces from Syria. This announcement comes after Russia and Turkey negotiated a ceasefire in Syria a week ago. According to Russian news agencies, Russian General, Valery Gerasimov stated, “In accordance with the decision of the supreme commander of the Russian armed forces Vladimir […]

Refugees Arrested In Bulgaria Following Violent Clashes With Police

  Police arrested more than 400 refugees at the Harmanli reception centre, Bulgaria’s largest refugee camp, this past Friday. Refugees hurled stones at the police and set tires and wood on fire. The police retaliated with water cannons and rubber bullets to try and control the riot. Twenty-four police officers […]

Like Father, Like Daughter: Park Geun Hye And The Possibility Of Martial Law In South Korea

South Korea is no stranger to corruption- thirty years ago, the people of South Korea reclaimed democracy themselves through mass protests and demonstrations. These people, along with their children and grandchildren, take the streets again and again as the pressure for South Korean President Park Geun Hye to resign increases. […]

Civilian White Flags: Civilian Casualties and Danger in Mosul

The battle in and around Mosul, Iraq between government forces and Daesh is rapidly rising to become the big humanitarian emergency that organizations were predicting last month. Iraqi forces have been fighting to recapture Mosul, the last-remaining Iraqi city under Daesh control. These forces are a collaboration of Iraqi troops, […]