Sheniz Shefik

Anti-Government Protests Continue In Venezuela

Protests in Venezuela have continued into their fourth week as people remain adamant in their anti-government stance, calling for early elections and the release of political prisoners. The political situation in Venezuela has worsened in recent months with reports of food and medicine shortages forcing people to seek refuge in […]

Socio-psychological Barriers To The Peace Process: Collective Victimhood And Identity In The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is at the center of discussions concerning protracted struggles. The failure to arrive at a peaceful resolution and the collapse of direct negotiations has meant the conflict has been trapped in an ongoing cycle of hostility and retribution. Literature that surrounds the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has predominantly focused […]

The Impacts of State Institutionalization In Armenia

In light of the recent publication by HRW (Human Rights Watch), renewed attention has been given to the impact of institutionalism in Armenia and the promised reformation responsibility of the Armenian government. The report is an investigation into the “abuses and discrimination against children in institutions and lack of access […]

The Malta Declaration: The Impact On Migrants And Human Rights

Earlier this week, 74 dead refugees washed ashore in Zawiya, the western city of Libya. The victims were found inside a boat with its engine missing, prompting speculation that the engine was deliberately removed by smugglers or armed militia. This tragedy follows the latest crackdown on migration routes and the […]

The International Diplomacy At Work In The Syrian Conflict

As the Syrian civil war enters its sixth year, official UNHCR reports indicate that over 470,000 deaths have been recorded (as of February 2016), 6.1 million people have been internally displaced, and 4.8 million are seeking refuge abroad, appropriately describing the crisis as “the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era”. […]