Sarah Engelmann

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Sarah is a recent graduate of the University of Sydney where she completed a Bachelor of International and Global Studies.

Trump’s Call With Taiwan

A contentious move to accept a congratulatory call from Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen by President-elect Donald Trump last week has sparked unease in China and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The call marked the first time a president or president-elect had spoken directly to Taiwan’s President since 1979. China views Taiwan […]

Australia-US Refugee Deal

The Australian Government has historically struggled to agree on an effective solution to deter people smugglers from illegally transporting asylum seekers by boat to Australia. The ‘Pacific Solution’ was implemented by the Coalition Government under Prime Minister John Howard in 2001 as a means to deter people from illegally arriving […]

Populism In Europe

Angela Merkel, Germany’s current Chancellor, stated this week that she would run for a fourth term. The announcement was made against a backdrop of the resurgence of far-right populist politicians running for office across Europe, as well as Donald Trump’s surprise election win in the US. Within this context many […]

Peace In Colombia – Down But Not Out

A peace deal signed between the Colombian Government and the largest guerilla group involved in the long running Colombian Conflict, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), has failed in its ratification due to the rejection of a referendum held on October 2nd. Colombia’s President, Juan Manuel Santos, and the […]