Sophie Simons

Corporate Greed. Commercialization

Global conglomerates make millions and even billions of dollars because of their corporate greed and brutal marketing strategies designed to create publicity. With the recent memorials of ANZAC Day, commercialization would be on every marketer’s mind. Globally, it has become accepted for large companies to make political statements and commercialize […]

The Mueller Report

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s special prosecutor Robert Mueller released his report on the alleged collusion of the 2016 presidential election last week, inciting significant global media coverage, delving into the depths of the extensive report. Mueller’s report had already received significant controversy by the Trump campaign as a result […]

Blood Relations Project

Arguably, the most difficult and long-standing conflict in our society is the conflict between Israel and Pakistan. As the conflict has continued over 60 years, anyone would argue that the usual diplomatic and military strategies fail to end the conflict. Rather, many governments are taking measures that escalate the conflict. […]

A Response To Women And Leadership

The Victoria International Leadership Programme at Victoria University offers seminars to educate people on the most pressing issues in our society. The most recent seminar last week on Women and Leadership, organized by the French Embassy, was about the incredible story of Mrs. Loretta Daunakamakama. The story of Mrs. Daunakamakama […]

Hope For Syria?

On 27 February, I attended a speaker event lead by Carsten Bockemuehl, who has recently spent time in Jordan to understand the Syrian conflict. He was deployed for four months in the city of Amman in neighbouring Jordan as Advocacy Director for World Vision’s Syria Response Unit. His speech gave […]

Sustainability Development Goal 6

“Ensuring availability, managing resources and providing sanitation and water for all” is an unrealistic goal, demonstrated through a wide range of perspectives; economic, natural and socio-political. Water is essential for all life as humans, being made up of 85% water, can only go three days without water before dying from […]