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B.A. in International Relations M.A. in African Studies Hungarian.

On The Margins Of The Maiduguri Attack– Global Concern Grows Over Islamic State’s West African Province

On 10th May 2016, at least four people were killed in Maiduguri, in northeastern Borno state in Nigeria. The number of dead is currently unconfirmed. Reuters reported that at least five were killed and 19 injured. The Nigerian Vanguard claimed that only two police officials who guarded the gates of […]

Two burned alive in Zambia after xenophobic accusations go viral

On Monday, 18 April 2016, two residents of Lusaka were killed by an anti-foreigner mob. The attacks were a result of xenophobic accusations which have been ongoing since at least seven Zambians were murdered recently and their body parts were removed – supposedly for witchcraft purposes. The riot targeted Rwandan born […]

South Sudanese Gunmen Attack Ethiopian Civilians, Leaving Many Dead

On April 15, gunmen from South Sudan carried out attacks on ten different villages in Ethiopia’s Gambella region. The incident left around 140 people dead on the Ethiopian side, and the South Sudanese forces lost around 60 of their men. According to a source from the Ethiopian government, they chased […]

The Deadliest UN Mission in Mali Loses Troops Again

  On 12th February 2016 a MINUSMA camp in the Northern Malian city of Kidal was attacked by Islamist militia. During the attack at least 6 Guinean peacekeepers were killed and around thirty other soldiers were left injured. The al-Qaeda affiliated Malian jihadist group, Ansar Dine has claimed responsibility for […]

AMISOM and Al-Shabaab Battle Over Control of Somalian Territory

On the 15th of January, 2016, Al-Shabaab militants drove a car against the gate of a peacekeeping camp in Somalia. After the explosion, the attackers fought their way into the complex and killed or injured several Kenyan troops. The Islamist group claimed that they had killed more than a 100 peacekeepers from […]