Paige Brash

About Paige Brash

Paige is a student at Victoria University of Wellington. She is currently studying towards a conjoint LLB and BA, majoring in International Relations.

Could The New Zealand SAS Be Responsible For War Crimes In Afghanistan?

Last week, journalist Nicky Hager launched his latest book,¬†Hit and Run,¬†about New Zealand Special Air Service raids on villages in Afghanistan. The book centres around allegations that New Zealand SAS may have been involved in war crimes during deployment in Afghanistan. The book describes Operation Burnham, a New Zealand-led raid […]

The Immigration Ban Is Anti-Peace

Last week, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that restricted immigration from several Muslim-majority countries and temporarily halted the United States Refugee program. The immigration ban went into immediate effect, causing chaos in the United States and sparking outcry from across the globe. Hundreds were detained in airports without […]