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Lawyer, lover of the environment and a beliver in peaceful dispute settlement

Withdraw From The ICC, Then What?

About 2 weeks ago, South Africa became the latest African country to indicate its intention to pull out of the ICC (International Criminal Court).[1] This happened just days after Burundi signed its intention to leave.[2] South Africa claimed it was leaving because being part of the ICC was incompatible with […]

Taming The Veto Power

The Swahili people have a saying that goes ‘fahali wawili wanapopigana nyasi huumia’. What the saying means is that when two bulls fight, it is the grass that gets hurt or in other words when the powerful go at each other, it is the weak and the vulnerable that bear […]

The Quest For World Peace Must Go On

In today’s world, almost everyday a story of war or conflict due to one reason or another is featured in both local and international news. Whether they are stories of war between nations or internal strife, it seems that peace has become elusive and people are getting used to reports […]

Nipping Things In The Bud: Fewer Or No Weapons Equals Less Confict

South Sudan, the world’s youngest nation, was plunged into chaos when forces, loyal to President Salva Kiir, clashed with those loyal to his, now replaced, Vice President Riek Machar.[1] The response by the United Nations (UN) was to seek the deployment of 4,000 troops into the country[2] in a bid […]