Nat Kumar

Providing Adequate And Safe Living Arrangements For Rohingya Refugees In Bangladesh

Although official estimates have remained inexact regarding the actual number of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh at present, Bangladeshi authorities have suggested that ‘the number exceeds one million.’ The magnitude of such numbers clearly puts Bangladeshi resources under significant strain in its attempts to equip these displaced people with the necessities […]

Countless To Suffer From Hunger Globally In War Torn Regions As Food Deprivation Through Aid Impediment Cripples Civilian Lives: A Yemeni Focus

Access to and delivery of critical food aid in war-torn Yemen is under threat, as recent attacks have deliberately targeted the World Food Programme run warehouse holding facilities and delivery vehicles. Whilst the precise identity of the assailants responsible for the ambush remains unresolved. What is clear is that should […]

South Sudanese Military Court Delivers Guilty Verdict Against Soldiers Convicted Of The Brutal Rape And Murder

In early September, the South Sudanese Military Court held ten soldiers guilty for the crime of brutal ‘rape against foreign aid workers and the murder of a South Sudanese journalist during 2016.’ Indeed, news sources have defined the crime ‘as the worst attack against foreigners.’ The court ordered that a […]

Indian Judicial Activism: A Strong And Crucial Step Forward For The LGBTQI Community

September 6th marked a historic and long-awaited turn in the chapter of the Indian gay rights movement. The Indian Supreme court struck down a quintessentially age-old and outdated law, which criminalized gay sex. Specifically, as outlined by Aljazeera online, the substance of the struck down law is as follows, “Section […]

Australia’s Refugee Policy Demonstrates Ignorance Towards the Rights Children

The Guardian and the Refugee Council of Australia (‘RCA’) has reported that the current processing regime emulated by Australian authorities has a destructive impact upon the physical and psychological well-being and safety of refugee children. With the RCA in particular noting that the environment of offshore processing is unsuitable and, […]