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Undergraduate student studying Biochemistry at University of Oxford

America First, But At What Cost?

“The figures presented would simply make it impossible for the UN to continue all of its essential work advancing peace, development, human rights and humanitarian assistance,” a UN representative commented in response to President Trump’s budget plan for 2018. Currently, the US contributes 25% and 28%, respectively, of the UN’s […]

President Rouhani: What Does The 2017 Iranian Presidential Election Mean?

2017 Iranian Presidential elections resulted in a landslide victory for the current President Hassan Rouhani. 41million Iranians, equating to a 73% turnout, voted for their next president on 19th May, and about 58.8% of the voters wanted Rouhani to continue with his presidency. His main rival, the conservative Ebrahim Raisi, […]

President Moon: Will He Affect South Korean Views On North Korea?

On May 9th, Moon Jae-in is voted as the 12th President of South Korea. He gained 41.1% of the votes, significantly more than 24.0% of the votes secured by the runner-up candidate Hong Jun-pyo. A record number of 15 candidates ran for the presidency out of which two withdrew before […]