Matiha Said

Germany Sets New World Record As 85% Of Their Total Energy Needs Are Powered By Clean Energy

Late last month, Germany set a new world record by utilizing approximately only 15% of its energy from coal and nuclear power; the rest of this industrial and economic powerhouse was completely powered by clean renewable energy alternatives from wind, biomass, hydropower, and solar energy. Germany’s success story marks a huge […]

Macron Hacked by Alleged Russian Hackers Just Hours To The Elections

The French elections have sparked significant media debate about the rise of “protectionism,” anti-immigrant ideology and the potentiality of a Frexit, in summary, the rise of far-right political ideology in the West. These debates have a striking similarity to those had during the Trump-Hillary presidential campaign. It goes without saying […]

Protests Break Out In Solidarity With Over 1,500 Prisoners Held In Israeli Prisons

In Ramallah, West Bank at least 50 Palestinian protesters were injured in clashes with Israeli forces on a “day of rage” held across the occupied Palestinian territories to show solidarity with more than 1,500 prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli prisons. The “day of rage” was agitated and called for […]

US-Russian Diplomatic Relations Deteriorate Over Syria

Russian President, Vladimir Putin is reported to have said that the US-Russian relationship has witnessed an erosion of, what he terms, “trust” under the Trump administration. Earlier this week, Putin is said to have met with the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson in a rather unwelcoming visit, despite it […]