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Megan is a Postgraduate student at the University of Canterbury New Zealand. She studying towards a Masters of Laws in International Relations and Politics.

Deterrence Or Displacement: A Possible Way To Deal With North Korean Aggression

I   The Issue Tensions have reached a critical point in the Korean Peninsular this month after a series of ballistic missile tests by North Korea (DPRK)  and the US elected a new president. North Korea and the United States previously had a fraught relationship, the main stressor being North Korea’s […]

Diamonds Are Mugabe’s Best Friend

Linked to “a decade of disappearing wealth,” top Zimbabwean security and political leaders are covertly profiting from Zimbabwean diamond reserves, according to Global Witness. It appears the term “Blood Diamond” is not a phenomenon reserved for Hollywood blockbusters. The anti-corruption group released a controversial report last week outlining how Zimbabwe’s […]