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Megan is a Postgraduate student at the University of Canterbury New Zealand. She studying towards a Masters of Laws in International Relations and Politics.

Ariana Grande Concert Bombing Highlights “50 Shades Of Violence” Against Girls and Women

The detonation of a suicide bomb in a concert stadium, filled at the time with 21,000 teenage girls and women, could logically be considered a targeted attack on western society, in particular in this instance, the United Kingdom. However, one of the UK’s leading prosecutors argues that the attack runs […]

Afghani President Claims US Allowed ISIL To Flourish In Afghanistan: ICC Allows Investigation

This morning, former president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai stated that intervention by the U.S. had, in effect, created an environment that allowed the Mujahideen, then the Taliban and latterly ISIL to develop and take hold in his home country. In an interview with Al Jazeera, Mr. Karzai said that “it […]

Education Not Mutilation In Masaai Communities

New rituals are being established in Southern Kenya’s Masaai communities to eradicate the practice of female genital mutilation (FMG). Although FMG has been formally outlawed in Kenya since 2001, a majority of girls from semi-nomadic tribes like the Masaai and Samburu still undergo the traditional treatment. According to Kenya’s Demographic […]

Brutality In Barcelona

Human Rights Groups in Spain are investigating the excessive force used against participants in Catalonia’s referendum Sunday. Al Jazeera reported yesterday that nearly 900 civilians and 431 police officers were injured. Human Rights Watch has formally stated that there are “serious allegations of excessive use of force by police against […]