Lillian Wetherspoon

About Lillian Wetherspoon

Recently graduated from the Australian National University with a combined Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Asian Studies. Due to her interests in conflicts and their impact on the international environment, the OWP has enabled her to write about important events and issues and help spread the idea of peaceful resolutions to conflicts. Currently the Executive Director of the Australian Division.

‘Refugees Welcome’ Banner Attached To The Statue Of Liberty

President Donald Trump’s proposed travel ban has become a dominant force of discussion. The initial travel ban was temporarily halted by a federal judge but the Trump Administration is working on a new version which would impose similar restrictions on Muslim-majority countries and retain the 50,000 refugee cap, a reduction […]

Barriers To Peace: Ending The Communist Insurgency In The Philippines

For the past several decades, the Philippines have experienced an ongoing insurgency. The communist insurgency in the Philippines is one of the longest running insurgencies in the Asia-Pacific Region. This conflict has claimed more than 30,000 lives since its beginning. The communist party started its armed struggle in the late […]

Report Finds That Women Living In Refugee Camps Fear Violence And Sexual Assault

According to a report published on Tuesday, women living in refugee camps in Greece fear violence and rape. The study, published by the Refugee Rights Data Project (RRDP), found that women were exposed to dangers, such as gender-based violence, abuse by authorities, and sexual harassment. Researchers from the RRDP spoke […]

Turkey Announces Plan To Award Citizenship To Refugees

On Friday, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey, announced that some Syrian and Iraqi refugees will be given Turkish citizenship. In a speech, which was broadcast on television, Erdogan said that security checks would be carried out to determine which refugees are eligible for citizenship. He emphasized the qualifications […]

The Global Reach Of Social Movements

This year has seen domestic movements receive significant international attention. Movements, like Black Lives Matter, have dominated news feeds on social media, which has allowed these movements to gain more support and publicity, both domestically and internationally. Social movements are actions taken by civil society in order to address a […]

Increasing Women’s Participation In Peace And Security Processes

  Two weeks ago the United States of America House of Representatives passed the Women, Peace and Security Act. This act is a historic step towards incorporating women into strategies for both preventing and resolving conflicts, and pledges that the US will act as a global leader for increasing women’s […]