Lina Na Gyoung Lee

About Lina Na Gyoung Lee

Lina Lee is an International Relations student at Australian National University. She is a global citizen who has lived in Seoul, Shanghai and Auckland, and aims to emphasis the importance of peaceful attitudes in order to reach compromising solutions to issues around the global village.

Is The Idea Of Human Rights A Universal Concept Or A Representation Of Western Cultural Imperialism?

Human rights are the epitome of human dignity that we, as a human race, have long fought for and truly deserve. Despite the rise of continuous human rights battles around the globe, the ideology of ‘equal and inalienable’ rights stands firmly as the icon of human’s fundamental respect and morality. The […]

Are Conflicts In The Middle East And Afghanistan The Result Of A “Clash Of Civilizations?”

The intensifying military confrontation between the West and the Arab world has spread instability and fear throughout the international community. There has been a controversial debate on whether the conflicts in the Middle East and Afghanistan are the result of a natural collision between cultures and values or the consequences […]

Russian Warplanes Strike Syrian Province – Exacerbation Of Syrian Civil War

The recent news around the resignation of world leaders and vicious confrontations between politicians seems trivial in front of  human lives lost during the ongoing Syrian civil war. Airstrikes and bombings covered with blood are reported daily. Just a couple of hours ago, Al Jazeera reported suspected Russian warplanes had […]